Easter messages from church leaders, politicians and the Prime Ministers will flood our screens and airwaves this week as we prepare for Easter.

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher has said. “However sorely tested we may sometimes be, Easter speaks of hope. Hope for a world of more than blind natural forces and blinding human willfulness, a world of no more hurt from hate or indifference. Hope for a civilisation of life and love, a civilisation of fidelity and healing,”

Anglican Primate of Australia Philip Freier also acknowledged we were living “in a world that seems to have many dark clouds of threat” but said for Christians hope could “never again be utterly extinguished”. “Christian faith shows us the way in which we can share in Jesus’ victory over all that pushes us to despair,” he said.

Malcolm Turnbull encouraged Australians to look after the most vulnerable this Easter and said Jesus’ “example of love, sacrifice and service to others” could inspire all. “It is a reminder that Easter is also a time to remember and to help those less fortunate — the lonely and the sick — just as our emergency service workers, volunteers, the ADF, pitched in to support the resilient and courageous communities in Queensland and northern NSW,” he said.

Of course to younger children it seems to be all about Easter eggs and bunnies. Well maybe … it seems this is also the dominant message from shopping centres and TV advertising. It is easier to find ads for Easter eggs, chocolate and holidays in the media than explanations of the real meaning for Easter. About half of our students attend a church or regularly attend a church youth group, so I encourage all our parents to explain to their children what is the real meaning of Easter.  I also encourage you to seek out a local church this Easter and use Easter as an opportunity to learn more about who Jesus is and why Easter is so important to our world.

The cross is the symbol everyone uses for Easter. It symbolises the cross on which Jesus Christ was nailed to and killed. At Easter we are not celebrating His death, we are celebrating the resurrection of Christ, one of the fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith. The disciples were told not to focus on the death of Jesus. Jesus does not belong to the past. He rose from the dead. He was seen talking with many people after He rose. He died on the cross to give us eternal life. That is God’s gift for us all. He died for our sins and rose again allowing us to have a relationship with God. He gave us new life and love.

So why do church and political leaders link Easter to going to help others or to be a Good Samaritan? The resurrection requires us to go into the world to proclaim by our words and our actions the good news of reconciliation and redemption. It is our role as Christians to share God’s love with others. Because of that love we receive we want to live our lives as Jesus told us. Easter should be a reminder to us on how we live our lives. So perhaps the message we need to talk with our children about is that Jesus died so we can have a new life, full of love. It is a time we can show each other the Christian values we hold so dear and Love one another as I have loved you. John 13:34.

Have a wonderful Easter with your family.

Gary Underwood


[email protected] 


I’ve named this term ‘the fast and the furious’. I can’t believe 10 weeks of schooling is already over. It was an intense start to the year with so many new students starting their online schooling journeys. We introduced Year 1 and 2 programs and rolled out new electives for our 10 students. All programs have experienced bumps and roadblocks along the way but much has been ironed out. We’ve valued your feedback. We’ll continue working hard to improve what we deliver to our students. Once again, it has been a joy seeing all the work submissions in Schoology and the obvious effort made to produce outstanding work.

Bullying. No Way!

On Friday 16 March 2018, ACC united with schools all over the nation to celebrate the eighth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA). Distance Education students and families showed their support by dressing in orange.


According to, between 1 in 4 and 1 in 3 students are bullied, with the prevalence seen mostly in middle school. Bullying in schools is a real issue and is often the reason students choose online schooling instead of attending a day school. ACC is committed to providing a safe and caring environment and culture which enables positive relationships to be formed amongst all students and staff and which in turn encourages positive self-esteem, cooperation, personal growth and a positive attitude to learning. Bullying and harassment in any of its forms, including cyberbullying will not be tolerated by the college and must be reported if seen or evidence is obtained. Thank you goes out to many people, students included, who are working together to help abate the real threat that bullying is to all students.

Online Student Graduate chosen to be Vice-Chancellor Scholar

On the 15th March, I had the honour of attending a welcome function for the Vice-Chancellor’s scholarship recipients at QUT, Kelvin Grove. Andrew Williams, who graduated last year with an OP1, was successful in securing a $30,000 QUT Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship in 2018. The evening featured the presentation of the scholarship award by the Vice-Chancellor to each scholarship recipient. Andrew has started his Bachelor of Medical Imaging and is settling into uni life with ease. He feels so blessed to have received this scholarship and is excited with what God has in store for his life.


Queen's Baton Relay

Phoebe Foster Griffiths ran in the Commonwealth games Queen’s Baton Relay on the 24th March. Phoebe was one of thousands selected to participate in taking more than a million steps to bring the Baton to its final destination, the GC2018 Opening Ceremony. Phoebe continues to do amazing things in her local community through her musical gifts. In Phoebe’s words ‘Saturday was Awesome!’. Well done Phoebe!

The true meaning of Easter

While our school prepares to wind down after the end of an amazing term, it is important that we remember that as a community we are heading into one of the most important seasons in the Christian calendar. Prior to the resurrection of Jesus, the people were bound to a system of sacrifice that was never really complete. It required sacrifices to be offered every year. They acted as an annual reminder of man’s sinfulness. So no sacrifice was ever enough. Until Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. His death and resurrection was enough. It was complete. It was once, for all. My prayer is that all of our families truly grasp the full meaning of Easter, that between the chocolate and the eggs and the family time, everyone takes time to reflect upon Easter and its meaning to all of us.

Michelle Flood

Deputy Principal

[email protected] 



Please remember to visit our website calendar to find up-to-date information about events and other school happenings.

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(10 Weeks) Monday 16th April - Friday 22nd June

  • Students Return: Monday 16th April
  • Cross Country: 20th April
  • ANZAC Day (Office closed): 25th April
  • Junior Camp (Yr 4-7): 30th April - 2nd May
  • Middle School Camp (Yr 8-10): 30th April - 2nd May
  • Labour Day (Office closed): 7th May
  • NAPLAN Testing: 15th - 17th May
  • Year 10, 11 and 12 Exam Block: 14th June - 20th June
  • 4-12 Athletics Carnival: 21st June
  • P-3 Athletics Carnival: 22nd June


(10 Weeks) Monday 16th July - Friday 21st September

  • Students Return: Monday 16th July
  • EKKA Holiday: 13th August
  • QLD Core Skills Test (Year 12s): 4th and 5th September


(9 Weeks) Monday 8th October - Thursday 6th December

  • Students Return: Monday 9th October
  • Student Free Dates: 15th October & 7th December
  • Brisbane Awards and Graduation Ceremony: 10th November
  • Senior Formal: 15th November
  • Last day for Year 12 students: TBA
  • Cambodia Discovery Tour (Yr 11 students): Dates 29th Nov - 9th December



A daily, aloud reading of the passage usually ensures that the student knows the passage by the end of the month. Please adjust the size of the passage to meet your child’s age and abilities. Most secondary students usually complete the whole passage.

Below is a listing of all the Scripture verses for the 2018 year.


Proverbs 4:1-9


Psalm 24:1-10


Matthew 5:3-12


Isaiah 6:1-8


Romans 5:11-18


Matthew 7:7-14


Psalm 104:1-9


James 1:2-10


1 Chronicles 16:8-15


John 15:1-8


Isaiah 9:6-7


Six-weeks term notice (this does not include school holidays) is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice will result in additional fees being charged. Families must complete the Student Exit Form to initiate the withdrawal process.


If you wish to receive a Student ID card for 2018, please fill out this form. You will need to have passport quality photos ready to attach for each student. The photo must be well lighted, and have a plain background (no trees, or snazzy wallpapers).  


The College camp program provides a wonderful opportunity for students in Junior, Middle and Senior College to commence the new school year in a positive and fun-filled manner.

For any enquires regarding camps, please contact our camps coordinator, Paul Gandini ([email protected])

Term 2 - Year 8-9 Camp: PGL Kindilan

In Term 2, the Year 8-9 camp will be held at PGL Adventures. Just 45 minutes from Brisbane, PGL Kindilan occupies a beautiful, 220 acre bushland site in Redland Bay, zoned a Conservation Area in South East Queensland. A range of options provide accommodation for up to 300, from Kindilan House itself, to our unique roundhouses and lodges. There is a wide range of exciting adventure activities to keep guests busy, plus plenty of facilities to enjoy.

This is a 3 day camp and runs from the 30th April to the 2nd May 2018 and the cost of the camp is just $241. To register, click this link -

Term 2 - Year 5-7 Camp: Apex Mudjimba

In Term 2 the Year 5-7 camp will be held at Apex Mudjimba. Apex is a fantastic destination for any school camp. It is located on the breathtaking Sunshine Coast and nestled between the pristine beach and the spectacular Maroochy River and Conservation Park. Apex provides an array of amazing activities that are designed to be fun, challenge students, and build leadership and teamwork skills. Their facilities are all at a high standard to insure all students are safe and having a great time!

This camp runs for 3 days from the 30th April to the 2nd May 2018 and the cost of the camp  will be somewhere between $240-$280. To register, click this link -


National Virtual Debating Competition

Three college students recently had the opportunity of participating in the first round of the National Virtual Debating Competition. This was a new experience; not only for our students, but for the organisers as well. Usually a school will use the one Zoom account and all students are present in the one room. Once again cutting new ground, our Online students each used an individual account to complete the debate. This had never been done before in the history of the competition. Though technology could have been an issue, the debates went off without a hitch.

Another challenge to overcome was that there were multiple time zones to work within. One of the ACC students in the Year 7/8 team was in NSW. The adjudicator was in Melbourne.

The topic for the Year 7/8 debate was whether the corporate sponsorship of schools should be allowed. The Year 5/6 team had to debate that high tax of car ownership should be allowed.

The students were very dedicated and hard-working. There was limited time, technology to be checked and a whole new style of writing and speaking to become familiar with. The students’ ability to rise to all of these challenges was something they can all be proud of. The Year 7/8 team were rewarded in their hard work by winning this round of the debate. Congratulations to Oscar Harvey, Veronica Hogan and Michael Smith. Unfortunately, the Year 5/6 team did not win their debate. Their delivery of their arguments was of a high quality and they also put in a lot of work in preparing for their debate. A great effort from Jesse-Lee Welch, Cara Baker and Cecila Hogan.

The next round of debating starts in April.


Complete this expression of interest form: 


Complete this expression of interest form: 


Year 2 - Science - Life Cycles  

Year 2 students have been learning about the different life stages of insects, animals and human beings as they explored ‘How Things Grow’ in Science. Throughout the term, students had the opportunity to develop their understanding of how things grow by observing and recording each life stage of the humble mealworm i.e. from egg to adult beetle. The main Assessment task then asked students to create a 3D model of the life stages of a mealworm (or an insect of their own choosing) and create a short video presentation explaining their model. Here is an excellent presentation by Rene, who chose to do her 3D Model on the Life Cycle of a Lady Beetle.


This term has seen the successful introduction of our 7-10 Bible course improvements.  A comprehensive four year assessed Bible memorisation program has been integrated each year level from 7 to 10. In addition to this, there is now a final exam for each Bible course that assesses student understanding of what they have been learning. It has been huge blessing for our teachers to watch all our students in their uploaded videos reciting their verses with eyes shut tight. May God use His Word which He has hidden in their heart for His Kingdom and His Glory!


A DE student reciting the Romans Road from memory.


Our College is blessed with many students competing and performing at the high-end interstate and international level in sports, arts and academics. The ACC Elite program is designed to support these students, encourage further excellence in these areas and to keep the rest of the school community informed about the achievements of their classmates so they can cheer them on!

Our student spotlight for this month is Paige Peach from Year 9. Paige joined the College in January 2018 and has been using the flexibility of DE to continue training for her Wakeboarding career. This term saw Paige competing in Queensland and Victoria, from her home turf at the Bli Bli Watersports Complex all the way down to the Boardstock competition in Melbourne

Paige received third place in Point Chase at Bli Bli, and in doing so achieved her goals of making the podium and executing a perfect back 180 off every rail, as pictured! She then went on to learn her frontroll of a kicker, which was used to great success in Boardstock #3 also at Bli Bli where she placed 1st on day one. The second day was much more challenging, but they gave her the resolve to start training on her rails.

Paige then headed down to Melbourne to take 2nd place in Railjam and 1st in King of Kicker at Boardstock #4 in the Melbourne Cable Park Boardstock #4. Congratulations Paige on a very busy and successful start to the year.


Assessments and Stress!!

Both on-campus and Distance Education Senior students are now at the end of Term One. As usual I have been addressing at assemblies the increasing levels of stress that students are managing at, but this is not at all unusual for this part of the term. Hence I have decided to insert here the article I wrote covering this issue previously – after all, whilst the students change each year, the challenges of Senior remain the same.

To stress or not to stress.... that is the Question?

As part of my assembly presentation this week, we looked at this particular graph about stress. It comes as no shock to us all that the orange zone, i.e. ‘Distress’, is not good for us, and our Senior students need to stay out of this zone as much as possible if they are to be able to achieve ‘optimal performance’. If a person lives in this zone too much it can even have negative implications for physical and mental health, as well as performance.

What came as perhaps more of a surprise, was that the green ‘Calm’ zone was almost as bad as the orange zone when considering performance and productivity! If students are not challenged enough they are likely to disengage from their learning and be ‘bored’. This is not conducive to active learning and, whilst the stress levels will be down – so will productivity!

Our Senior students really need to be aiming at the ‘sweet spot’, or ‘Eustress’, in the middle. When you are in this zone you have enough stress to drive you forward and give you momentum, but not enough to overwhelm. This is the ideal, but it is not easy to achieve!

It is important to continually encourage students to understand their own learning needs and how they can manage their personal stress levels. Each student has different needs and, just like adults, different tolerances for stress.

So, “To stress, or not to stress...?” this is indeed the question! For some, the zone of ‘optimal performance’ may be almost devoid of all stress, whilst other students, may require a reasonable amount of stress to be motivated enough to even begin a task! What is important is that each student develop a self-awareness of what works specifically for them and develop habits that keep them in this productive zone as often as possible.

As parents of Seniors it is important to encourage your student to constantly reflect on what is working, or not working and have a frequent and open dialogue about their stress levels. It may also be necessary at times, if you fear they are tipping towards the ‘Distress’ zone, to talk about ways in which you can help them reduce their stress.

Senior students may look like grown ups but they rarely have a complete set of  ‘grown up’ skills to manage the sort of stress they encounter in their Senior years of school. Invariably, they will need our collective support and wisdom to negotiate these important years successfully.

In other news, QCS preparation…

All Senior students who are eligible for an OP have begun preparing for their QCS test. More information will be sent out over the next few months explaining more about QCS but for the moment please lock in Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 September for this year’s exams.

All students who are OP eligible, that is are doing 5 Authority (OP) subjects in Year 12 must sit the QCS, whether they wish to get an OP or not. External students will also have to sit these exams at test centres near them; however, students/parents will nominate their preference.

Anita Newell

Head of Senior School

[email protected] 


We are coming to the end of Term 1 and our Student Services team has been working hard to connect with and support as many students as possible to encourage and motivate learning. We hope this term has been a positive experience for you and we want you to know that we are only ever a phone

Since the start of the year I have been attending a number of professional development events and a recurring theme that has come up is the importance of developing soft skills. So I thought I would share with you what soft skills are and why they are so important for our students.

Developing soft skills is becoming increasingly important as we move towards the age of automation and globalisation. Soft skills are the personal qualities and attributes that allow individuals to interact effectively and harmoniously with others. The future requires our young people to be lifelong learners who will spend an increasing amount of time with people, solving strategic problems and thinking creatively rather than completing routine, manual tasks. Here is a list of some of the top soft skills sought after by industry:

Teamwork  - requires collaboration, cooperation and working effectively with others to achieve a goal. Teamwork recognises the usefulness of cooperative practices. Students who participate in team activities (eg. sporting teams, drama groups, Scouts etc) have the opportunity to practice developing teamwork skills.

Leadership and Initiative – are qualities where you can influence control over how to be resourceful and work without being told what to do. It demonstrates personal decisions to think and act and be willing to continue to learn and grow. Perhaps nominating for leadership positions in schools or sporting clubs etc. could help develop these skills.

Work ethic – demonstrated as a willingness to exert effort and show dedication to the completion of a task. It comes from an internal drive to do your best at all times. Volunteering is a great way for young people to demonstrate and develop this skill.

Organisation – Being adequately prepared and this involves planning and prioritising actions in order to achieve targets and goals. Helping to develop this skill requires daily routines and prioritising of time management and available resources.

Perseverance – The ability to keep going to achieve goals despite the obstacles. This is demonstrated when you see students continue to work through a task despite some setbacks and complete it to the best of their ability.

I hope this has been helpful and encourages you to support the development of these skills in your homes too. God bless you as you celebrate Easter. Such a wonderful time to remember what Jesus did for us on the cross and how He conquered death so we can choose eternal life with Him as our Lord and Saviour.

Sue Fraser

Head of Student Services

[email protected]


ACC understands that DE involves more than just academics, which is why we encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities that are offered by our school, as well as other activities around your region.

South Brisbane/Gold Coast Activity Day

Our students had a great morning at their first Activity Day for the year. The senior students had the opportunity to meet with Mrs Newell and discuss their Senior pathways and entry into university. The students found this both informative and encouraging to know they were having similar experiences.

While the senior students spent their information session with Mrs Newell the rest of our students were participating in Still Life drawing, Succulent Garden with Mrs Peisley.  Our very enterprising  Trevor family brought in their first Succulent Garden arrangement for us to use. This has led their family business to further introduce these into the market. God always blesses those who bless others. Our masterpieces were only partially completed as masterpieces are not usually instant. Children concentrated and did excellent drawings, which will need to be completed in our next South Brisbane/Gold Coast Activity Day. You can further check-out examples of theses on... ...and maybe even do your own at home. Remember these can all be displayed at our End of Year ACC Talent Presentation.

After morning tea the younger students participated in drama activities. Mrs Robertson went through a number of exercises with them that helped them to bring out emotions through body language, stance and facial expressions. Students were able to put their new skills to use in small groups by presenting short skits. An excellent session for our students to get to know one another and develop friendships. We had some very excited new students who now had names and numbers to keep in touch with each other.

Secondary students were given great financial advice from the Commonwealth Bank’s Start Smart program. This program introduced students to Smart Spending, moving them on to Smart  Earning. Their journey did not end there but were then introduced to Smart Enterprising and finally with Smart Saving. The program facilitator Jamie Benjamin  was most impressed with one of our own students who had already began an enterprising project with her own ‘Cake Making’ business idea. Students were all encouraged to think about what sort of things they want in the future and how to create a plan that would help make that happen.  


On Thursday the 8th of March a group of our DE students explored the Sunshine Castle at Bli Bli. Medieval history was brought to life with Sir Justyn and his team which made the school day so much fun. Students tried out some archery and jousting activities, interacted with armoury displays (students were allowed to touch and try on some authentic armour), listened to stories about medieval life and completed a treasure hunt. But oh dear, many ended up in the stocks! Who would have thought learning about history would be this much fun?

Science - Under The Sea Virtual Excursion - Report

ACC students and teachers had a great time learning about life in our oceans, how physical aspects of the deep sea makes it hard to explore and the innovations and endeavours humans have taken to travel to our deepest ocean trenches.

Our host, David, used a variety of visual graphics, hands-on activities, experiments, demonstrations and film clips to help us understand why we know less about our deep ocean than we do about space.

Here are some images from the excursion… including some images of our experiments. Enjoy…

Brisbane City Excursion

Last Friday Maria and Karen met our DE students at QUT Gardens Point in the heart of the city, where we partook in a wonderfully challenging day. Our first challenge was to actually arrive at our destination at the appointed time. Careful planning was undertaken for this to happen with the best possible outcome, but life always adds its individuality to the situation. So whether you ‘train it ’(Karen) or ‘drove it’ (Maria) or ‘bus it’ we certainly all did a lot of walking! Well done to all.

Our Secondary students began the morning with their first session at the Science and Engineering Centre at QUT. We have two further full day sessions booked for the 11th of September and again on the 26th of October. Please keep these dates on your calendars as these programs have to be booked more than a year in advance due to their popularity.

In their first session QUT instructors taught our students basic coding and programming using Arduino. The challenge was to get their microcontrollers to flash LEDs in a circuit and also make the LEDs light up using morse code signals.

(Arduino beginner: blink challenge)

The students also experienced the amazing Cube - an interactive digital system two stories high. It is one of the largest in the world and has high definition screens and 48 touch panels! One of the experiences is called 'Chem World'. This contains three interactive virtual experiments - Fireworks, Rocket launch and Macro-Micro. It also includes a periodic table and allows users to learn about chemical elements, their reactions, etc. (

After lunch the students constructed their own bionic arm made from a range of components and motors. The aim was to get their robotic arm to lift various weights. In the process they learnt to hypothesize and use the engineering principles of mechatronics.

Mechatronics: bionic arms

Primary Students

Our Primary students wasted no time in being involved with The Cube experience  Chem World as well. This included their own DinoZoo lesson with the QUT staff.  We also managed to fit in a quick ‘unplanned’ visit to The Williamson Robinson Art Gallery which had a ‘Still Life’ display by the artist. This was inspiring for our own Activity Day ‘Still Life’ art session on Succulent Garden. We also had another unplanned look at the QUT Art Gallery where they had a Steel/Metal display of some very unique metal pieces. In our next QUT/Brisbane excursion we will be participating in Art workshops as part of our visit.

Our Botanic Gardens lesson was hosted by Malini who helped and guided us to ‘Look and Observe’ the garden’s habitats. Our students completed this by actually getting to dig for little creatures. We found lots of ‘soil worms’, with one spotting of a very large toad. Some of us were also able to spot the mosquitos which were ferocious after the rains.

Our Parliament House tour was no less exciting. Walking through some very tight security, was followed by a very informative talk with excellent discussion and participation from our students. We were provided with a drink and biscuit for the students and a sandwich for the parents. The finale was the Role Playing session where our students were delighted to sit and to participate in such roles as Speaker, Sergeant of Arms, Clerk of Parliament and Leader of the Opposition. A follow through of this learning experience will be Old Government House in our September QUT/Brisbane City Excursion.

For further information and activities for your students please follow the links below. 

Coming up next term...

Whole School Cross Country

Friday, 20 April

Information and registration link:

Upper Coomera - Activity Day

Friday, 23 April

Information and registration link: 


30th April - 2nd May

4-7 Apex Mudjimba Camp -

8-10 PGL Adventure Camp -

Wide Bay Excursion - Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery

Friday, 11th May

Information and registration link: 

Toowoomba - PCYC Excursion

Friday, 11th May

Information and registration link: 

Cairns - Visit to Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

Friday, 11th May

Information and registration link: 

Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy Excursion

Thursday, 24 May

Information and registration link: 

Sunshine Coast Excursion

Friday, 25 May

Information and registration link: TBA

Athletics Carnival - Grades 4-12

Thursday, 21 June

Information and registration link: 

Athletics Carnival - Grades Prep-3

Friday, 22 June

Information and registration link: TBA