This week, students on our most recent Palm Island Mission Trip touched down in Townsville and have transferred to Palm Island. What an exciting opportunity for our students to learn about our indigenous peoples and their culture, while having the opportunity to talk about their Christian faith to indigenous children and families. We know from past experience that these mission trips are also life changing and faith building for our students, as they examine their own faith in this context. We are all praying for the 13 students from across all ACC schools as well as their staff leaders, including Ms Johnson from Moreton. While she is away, other DE and senior staff are supporting her students.

Meetings have already started for our Cambodia Mission trip that leaves on the 29th November. Our prayers are with those organising the trip. In 2019 we are considering extending our mission trips so stay tuned to new opportunities in other countries.

We support and encourage children to be part of missions because we want to bring new believers to Christ through the work undertaken and strengthen the faith of our Christian students.But mission work is not only in foreign lands. Mission is not an overseas trip, it is an attitude, it is your faith. It is something that can be undertaken in your local town or street. It may be that even your home needs the purpose of mission to help bring your family, or family member, to Christ.

It was a direct command from Jesus for the early church to carry the good news to other places, which is why so many churches undertake mission work or support it financially. Our college has as its motto to ‘grow in Christ’. Our first goal is to bring children to know Jesus Christ. Our school’s mission is exactly the same as churches who send missionaries overseas. In our Day School this week at our term church service we saw so many people make a public commitment to make Jesus Christ their Lord and Saviour. It was inspiring and challenging. Helping these children and parents understand who their Lord is will be demanding. But that is why we are here. I hope in the near future we can live stream these church services each term into your computer so your children, perhaps with neighbours and their friends, can be part of this mission experience.

In Matthew 9:38 Jesus said that we should pray for the labourers to carry the gospel to the harvest field. In Romans 8 Paul follows up this question of “who will preach?” with “who will send them?”.We have a responsibility as Christians to support mission work whether it be to Cambodia or to the local Foodbank, or the Care Centre in your neighbourhood. What is necessary is for people to go out and do the work. We can help with prayer.Stop as a family around the dinner table tonight and pray for our children on the Palm Island Mission Trip. Pray that funds will flow in to help more children have this opportunity in the future, even your own.If you do not have funds to spare then consider setting an example for your children by providing your time and effort to the mission field right outside your door. I encourage you to make missions meaningful and purposeful just as Jesus instructed.

God bless you all through this coming term.

Gary Underwood


[email protected] 


I trust you all had a wonderful mid-year break. For our Year 12 students, they are now on the downward run to the end. Please pray for each of them. Many have high-stakes exams ahead and of course those working towards an OP will sit the Queensland Core Skills test this month.

All Semester 1 Report Cards were made available to families to view and download via the Parent Portal. Just a reminder that grades for a semester report is made up of two terms worth of work. If you have any questions about your children’s report cards, please contact the subject or class teachers.

To assist with the design of a student’s individual learning program to meet the requirements of a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), students and their parents are required to develop a Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan. This document maps out a student’s plan of action for their education and training in the Senior Phase of Learning. ALL Year 10 students will need to have a completed SET Plan by the end of Term 3. Sue Fraser, our College Guidance Officer, and Anita Newell, our Head of Senior School will be sending out more information about SET Plans in the coming weeks.

We have another busy term with activities happening around South East QLD. As Gary mentioned, we have a team of Year 9 and 10 students in Townsville for a Mission Trip to Palm Island.

We also have three DE students joining the ACC team heading over to Cambodia in November. Their flights have been booked, so it’s all becoming a reality for each team member. Jayden Brock, a Year 10 student who will be going to Cambodia has been working hard to raise money for BioSand Filters for Cambodian families. One BioSand Filter costs $100 and can provide a family with clean drinking water for up to 30 years. Jayden has raised enough money to provide 21 so far! That’s a small village.

I will be away for long service leave for most of Term 3. Joshua Avenell will be acting Deputy Principal while I am away. Please contact him if you have any questions.

All the best for another successful term.

Michelle Flood

Deputy Principal

[email protected] 


Please remember to visit our website calendar to find up-to-date information about events and other school happenings.

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(10 Weeks) Monday 16th July - Friday 21st September

  • Students Return: Monday 16th July
  • EKKA Holiday: 13th August
  • QLD Core Skills Test (Year 12s): 4th and 5th September


(9 Weeks) Monday 8th October - Thursday 6th December

  • Students Return: Monday 9th October
  • Student Free Dates: 15th October & 7th December
  • Brisbane Awards and Graduation Ceremony: 10th November
  • Senior Formal: 15th November
  • Last day for Year 12 students: 16th November
  • Cambodia Discovery Tour (Yr 11 students): Dates 29th Nov - 9th December



A daily, aloud reading of the passage usually ensures that the student knows the passage by the end of the month. Please adjust the size of the passage to meet your child’s age and abilities. Most secondary students usually complete the whole passage.

Below is a listing of all the Scripture verses for the 2018 year.


Proverbs 4:1-9


Psalm 24:1-10


Matthew 5:3-12


Isaiah 6:1-8


Romans 5:11-18


Matthew 7:7-14


Psalm 104:1-9


James 1:2-10


1 Chronicles 16:8-15


John 15:1-8


Isaiah 9:6-7


Six-weeks term notice (this does not include school holidays) is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice will result in additional fees being charged. Families must complete the Student Exit Form to initiate the withdrawal process. You can also find this form in Quickshools under School Forms.


If you wish to receive a Student ID card for 2018, please fill out this form. You will need to have passport quality photos ready to attach for each student. The photo must be well lighted, and have a plain background (no trees, or snazzy wallpapers).You can also find this form in Quickschools under School Forms.


Year 1 - Drama Presentation

Last term, our Year 1 students had to create an original short story. This drama presentation needed to include a simple story line, a variety of emotions to support the story and a creative background/setting. Here is an excellent example of this task by one of our Year 1 students…

Year 2 - Drama Presentation

Last term, our Year 2 students had to create an original short story. This drama presentation needed to include a clear story line (theme), multiple characters (that used dialogue, movement and emotions to rely the short story) and a creative background/setting. Here is an wonderful example of this task by one of our Year 2 students…

Secondary School 7-10

When you’re in secondary school more assessments and deadlines are always just around the corner, and fortunately, more holidays are too! This makes now as good of a time as any to talk about time management.

"So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."
Psalm 90:12

The Bible teaches us that time is a resource that we need to manage carefully, and this skill doesn’t come naturally to most students, but instead is something that must be acquired through practice. Here are some great ways to start learning how to manage time in your schooling:

  1. Establish a routine according to a timetable and stick to it. The flexibility of distance education can be a blessing, but if that flexibility leads to random bursts of study punctuated by long periods of idleness, it can be a huge drawback to your learning. The best way to avoid this is to use the timetable provided in TAKAMUNA - Moreton Resources, or to modify it into your own needs, and then follow it every week without deviation for anything other than serious emergencies.
  2. Always aim to be a week ahead. It’s amazing what crops up in your life, or what happens to your internet connection or computer hard drive when you’re racing at the last minute to get your assessment in before the dreaded 11:59am. What would have been a minor irritation a week ago like your wifi playing up can cause the loss of valuable marks at the last minute. Always use a Week 10 or 11 in a term if present to get solidly ahead in each subject, and then you will be more than prepared for any mishaps.
  3. Set a time limit for tasks. This is particularly important if you are prone to perfectionism. If you realise your English forum responses are consuming 80% of your time for mere 4 engagement marks in a day, then set yourself a time limit and submit whatever you can by the time that limit expires. The time you free up to work on more valuable tasks will more than pay for a few lost marks in the other subject.
  4. Lastly, eliminate distractions. If you find yourself always drifting off onto Youtube or firing up Minecraft, then it might be time to take that laptop out into the lounge-room where your supervisor is. Turn off the mobile phone, disable notifications and enjoy the fruits of concentrated, uninterrupted efforts.

Happy studying, and keep your eyes on the prize!

"Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:13-14


QCS and other things...

It is that time of year again when Year Twelve students begin to turn their attention to a set of exams known as ‘QCS’. These exams, taken over two days are one of the final ‘pieces’ of the puzzle for OP-eligible students that will complete their Senior years of study.

Students have been diligently preparing for these exams over the past weeks and months and most recently, they have participated in practice exams designed to prepare them for QCS exams.

Here is a table outlining which exam will be sat on Tuesday 4th September and Wednesday 5th September:

But, before we get all excited and anxious, it is also really important to note what these exams are, and what they aren’t.

The QCS Test IS:

  • a common statewide test for Queensland Year 12 students

  • an achievement test — not an intelligence test nor an aptitude test

  • grounded in the Queensland senior curriculum

  • accessible to all Year 12 students, regardless of individual differences in subject patterns.

What the QCS Test IS NOT:

  • the main contributor to a student’s Overall Position (OP)

  • a grade by which a student should be defined

  • a measure of the whole of a Year 12 student’s achievements

Many of our students do not sit the QCS tests. Many of our students do not get OP’s. Many of our students are successful University students, employees, apprentices and more – without every sitting a QCS test. The point of an education is far more than a single number or place in a rank or on a scale. An....

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Consequently, whilst we continue to encourage our students to do their very best and achieve excellent results, we are also investing in opportunities for them to learn about social justice issues, to problem solve, to be creative and to empower them to ‘be the change they want to see in the world’.

As our Year Twelve students approach their QCS tests this month they are preparing to do their very best as it is a very ‘high-stakes’ test. But, it is important that we all remember that no matter what the final result, this test is merely a ‘means to an end, rather than the end itself’.


Important Choices and Decisions for Year 9-12 students

Year 9 students

Year 9 students and parents/carers will soon receive an email containing a video link explaining all our proposed exciting elective options available for 2019. They will also receive a subject survey with preferences where we ask students to nominate their top 6 elective choices (they only study 3 electives at a time). This is an exciting time for students as they start to explore what senior school is all about and provide subject preference data that will inform future decisions. Once this data is collated and subject offerings are determined, students will choose their final electives later in the term.

Year 10 students

Year 10 students and parents/carers will also receive an email containing a video link to watch that explains the introduction of the ATAR and the updated QCE requirements. Before the end of Term 3, students need to lodge their Senior Education and Training (SET) plan. This plan maps out intended post school options and identifies selected schools subjects that will ensure prerequisite requirements for future study courses are met. Students will also need to decide if they intend to undertake additional study options along with their school subjects (eg. TAFE at School courses, School-based apprenticeships/traineeships, Headstart University subjects etc). The link to lodge the SETPlan will also be contained in the email. It is important that both parents/carers and students are familiar with the ATAR and the QCE to help with their decisions. A basic overview will be found in the 2019 Online QCE Pathways Handbook. To assist with decisions, you may also like to contact Mrs Fraser, Head of Student Services. Mrs Fraser can be contacted via email on [email protected]

Year 12 students

QTAC applications open Thursday 2 August for study in 2019. It would be best if students lodge their application before the end of September 2018. The application fee for Year 12 students is $43. Please take the time to investigate the QTAC website. It has a wealth of information on how to apply, how to order preferences, available scholarships etc. Here is the website link:

Please be aware of the additional requirements for Year 12 graduates wishing to study education (teaching), as they are required to submit a 1000-word personal statement, in addition to meeting academic criteria. To understand the application process further and to stay updated, visit the QTAC website.

Students also need to check their learning accounts on Student Connect to ensure all their QCE courses are accounted for and their contact details are correct

Senior Secondary School Information

This course on Schoology is an important place where we share relevant information and advertise opportunities available for senior students. The notification of headings and links are sent to both students and parents/carers via email.

ACCM Careers is a website that we encourage all senior students to explore as it contains a wealth of information about careers and life beyond school. There is even a wonderful resume creator under the student secure area that we direct students to. Please take the time to explore this site.

Sue Fraser

Head of Student Services

[email protected]



On the 26th of July, our Sunshine Coast students had a great time exploring the Ginger Factory. They traversed land and sea in the Ginger Train and on the Overboard Boat Ride. Thankfully, nobody actually fell overboard. So, they were safely able to enjoy a beekeeping demonstration run by one of the fantastic staff at the Ginger Factory. After these adventures, the weary travellers settled down to lunch around the lake before saying farewell. We would love to see you all on our next adventure!


Around 25 students and adults attended the excursion to the Cobb and Co Museum in Toowoomba.This museum is part of the Queensland Museum and features a large collection of coaches and horse drawn vehicles.Learning Officer Tony gave an informative talk about the days of horse drawn transport.A Cobb and Co coach with 5 horses took about 10 times longer to travel the same distance as is completed in cars these days.A wagon or dray took about 40 times longer.In today’s currency, it cost equivalent to $1000 to travel for one day in a Cobb and Co Coach.Photos from the early days of settlement with a few slab huts close to the swamp through to horses and cars sharing the road and finishing with the large Grand Central shopping centre which stands where the Perkins Brewery (now Castlemaine Perkins) contained interesting facts and figures.


Our ACC-DE students and parents had another exciting Activity Day at the Upper Coomera Community Centre.

Our first challenge was trying to get to the centre at the early time of 9am through the usual 'school traffic' in every direction. I think this first challenge may have been a reason for some not to attempt the day and for others not to show up!

Primary students had the Smart Start program, which secondary had previously had at the beginning of the year. I hope they are all much wiser with the knowledge of money, spending, saving and investing!

Mrs Robertson prepared our students for our “ACC has Talent” presentation on the 19th of November. All students attending this day will still be able to be part of it, so please all plan to attend. Please work on individual items at home of any type (e.g. art, craft, projects, oral presentations, short plays, skits or in any extracurricular activity that students do). We will all love to see what each student has been doing. It is always an exciting day for others to see and for students to share.

Our finale for the day was Dr Joe. Dr Joe presented students with Science with lots of teaching and visuals. Our students were very impressed with the fire, air and other visual experiments that Dr Joe had for them to look at. He was also very impressed with the knowledge that some of our students shared. We might have some young budding Einsteins in our midst. Please encourage the students to put on their own mini Science show for our Talent Presentation. We also had over an hour for them to have 'hands on' activities to put into practice what they had learned. We had mums trying to drag away some as again they would have wanted to beat that 'school' traffic.

An excellent day!! Hope all those who made it enjoyed it!! It is important for families to attend these events for us to continue to be able to offer these opportunities for our students. See you all at our next August event - Wivenhoe Dam.

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Tuesday, 21st August

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Tuesday, 11th September

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