New leadership changes

ACCM has grown quickly over the last 6 years I have been at the College and changed in very many ways. Our On-campus enrolments have grown from 100 to 500 students. In DE we are maintaining our 700 student enrolments, but the number of students undertaking QCE online has grown to huge numbers with 100 students and more expected for each Year level for years 10 - 12 in 2019. We have also changed our curriculum in DE from ACE to the Australian National Curriculum and introduced the QCE curriculum. We have replaced books with computers. Having DE students receive OP 1 results was a testimony to the ability and flexibility of our DE families. We have done all this with no student disadvantaged.

The other big area of growth is with students with learning needs and those government funded Special Needs students. DE has about 100 Special Needs funded students and a large number of students 2 years or more behind and needing special programs. There are estimated to be far more students needing Learning Support than we can support. These students need better supervision, more appropriate programs and much more support of the family by our staff.

Add these three growth areas together the Board have decided to appoint more staff for 2019, increasing the teachers available to support seniors, more staff to support other DE students, and extra experienced staff in Student Services. The key change is the appointment of a third Deputy Principal to share all the workload and leadership of the staff. Mrs Suzanne Fraser has been promoted to DP. Many of you know Mrs Fraser as she has worked with all our senior students preparing them for senior years and their career pathway. She has also led our Student Services team helping many of our Special Needs students. From 2019 she will be Deputy Principal, Distance Education and bring a lot of skills to bare on the increasing senior age students in DE. Ms Flood will still remain a DP, and her role shifts to be DP of On Campus. She brings a whole new range of skills to her new role and a fuller understanding of the College as a whole. She will support Ms Fraser in her new role caring for our DE families.  To enable this change Mr Lewis will be the DP responsible for Student Services. He will be supported by the current Head of Primary On-Campus Mrs Allan, and our On-Campus Prep Teacher Mrs Waite, who also moves to Student Services. This will bring a lot of expertise and staffing to help our DE families who provide education for their students with a disability or a learning need. I am excited about the changes and the broadening of the expertise of our senior staff at the college.  Please pray for these leaders as they tackle new subschools.

Changes to Schoology and Quickschools

Growth brings changes so that we can continue to provide the best education we can for our DE families. In 2019 you will see that the College will be changing its ‘Schoology’ Learning Management System because we have outgrown the services this can provide our students. It will be replaced with ‘Canvas’ that is used by many tertiary institutions. This will make accessing lessons, staff and other students much easier. From your perspective, it will look a little different but easier for the student to use.  We will be walking you through this early in 2019, but I do not expect major problems from a parent or student perspective, just a lot of holiday work for our staff.

The second change is to our Student Information System ‘Quickschools’ which many of you have spoken to me about, especially it being ‘slower’ than ‘quick’. This will be replaced with Sentral that is widely used by Australian schools, especially private schools of our size. It is going to make roll marking, accessing results, interacting with Canvas a lot better and faster than the present. Our experience as part of this change over is that all the staff are excited about how much better and easier this will be for 2019.

New Prep courses available

2019 will be a great year for our DE family. We will be publishing our new Prep courses, and improving our DE courses, while providing better support to families. I am still in my role and here to ensure you receive the best service we can provide. If you have any hassles or problems adapting to the new staff changes, or the software, then please email or ring me and I will do all I can to improve the situation for you.

Thank you for 2018

I would like to thank all DE families for making 2018 an amazing year. The Awards Ceremonies across the State brought DE families together to celebrate the work of their students through the year, as well as those students graduating from the college and Year 12. Year 12 is challenging and demanding and our DE students have had a very successful year. We wish them well for their future careers and tertiary study.

Have an inspiring Christmas

I pray you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and please remember the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ who came to earth to save us from our sins. I look forward to seeing you all in 2019 with Mrs Fraser as we visit our DE families.

Gary Underwood


[email protected] 


Well, here we are, the final Distance Education newsletter for 2018. The festive season is just around the corner. Term 4 has been a very busy and productive term. One of the highlights was the inaugural Awards Ceremonies around the state, the Graduate’s Dinner and Senior Formal. It was a delight to see a fine group of Year 12 students graduate and begin the next chapter in their lives.


On the 10th November, families from all over QLD came together for an afternoon of celebration. With outstanding graduate speeches delivered by Odette and Joshua, words of parental wisdom shared by Paul and Marianne, a notable address from our Principal, Mr Gary Underwood, and superb musical performances by Tobi Clark and Kasey Kilsby, the ceremony was an occasion to remember. Amy Rabenhorst was the well-deserving 2018 DUX recipient. It was followed by a lovely fellowship afternoon tea and cake! Congratulations to all our 2018 Award Winners!


The Graduate’s Dinner followed the Brisbane Awards Ceremony. Parents and students shared stories of unique journeys travelled to complete Year 12 successfully. Thank you to all the family, friends and staff who celebrated this special night with the graduating students of 2018.


ACCM’s class of 2018 held their Senior Formal at North Lakes on Thursday 15 November.  Distance Education students came together with On Campus students in style to celebrate the approaching milestone of the end of their ACC journey!


On the 19th November, I enjoyed a visit to the Gold Coast for the last Activity Day. Students rehearsed for a final drama presentation about the Christmas story with a modern twist. In one day, it was prepared and performed! Students did an excellent job. Mrs Suzanne Trevor helped the students put together their own individual plant arrangement to be given as gifts. Thank you to the Trevor family for your continued generosity of knowledge, plants and materials. Students also had the opportunity to present school projects completed throughout the year. The audience enjoyed a physics lesson, worship/dance rendition, and presentations about creative playground designs. Thanks Mrs Peisley for organised the day. It was a wonderful way to finish off the year.


Late Wednesday night, the 2018 Cambodia Mission Team flew out of Brisbane airport. The Moreton team met other ACC students from around the country in Singapore, then travelled together to Phnom Penh to start their 10-day discovery tour.

The team will be involved in two Operation Christmas Child Shoebox distributions. They will be visiting schools, churches, maternity clinics and villages. They will finish their tour in Siem Reap where they will tour Angkor Wat and the local markets. Please pray for the team. If your Year 11 student (in 2019) is interested in participating in the next Cambodia Tour, please complete this expression of interest form. 


Thank you to all who have contributed to the fabric of ACCM in 2018. This year our staff have served the college with great care, dedication and professionalism. I thank them all for their service to our students and families. I also would like to thank the parents/carers for all the incredible effort made to supervise children at home and keep them focused on achieving their learning goals. Your work does not go unnoticed and the distance education experience would not be successful without your crucial role and partnership.  

As Gary mentioned in his article above, my role at the College will change in 2019. I have worked in Distance Education for the past 10 years and it has been an absolute privilege and honour being part of this wonderful community. I’ve seen many students start in primary school then graduate and continue into successful career pathways which has been an absolute joy. I’ve walked through the many school changes with our families and celebrated the successes and worked through the challenges.  I would like to extend sincere gratitude to parents, carers, students and staff for their amazing support over the years. You have all been a blessing to me.


What a beautiful and joyful time Christmas is. People all around the world are inspired by the hope that the birth of Jesus brought us. Please enjoy a wonderful school break with family and friends. To those students and families who are moving towards another chapter in their life, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. May every family have a blessed and restful Christmas.

Michelle Flood

Deputy Principal

[email protected] 


Please remember to visit our website calendar to find up-to-date information about events and other school happenings.

Click 'Google Calendar' to have our events display in your own calendar.



(9 Weeks) Monday 8th October - Thursday 6th December

  • Cambodia Discovery Tour (Yr 11 students): Dates 29th Nov - 9th December
  • Last day of Term 4 - 7th December

TERM ONE 2019 *

Monday 28th January - 5th April (10 weeks)

  • Australia Day (Public Holiday) - 28th January
  • First day of Term 1 - 29th January
  • Gold Coast Activity Day - 4th February
  • Toowoomba Activity Day - 14th February
  • Swimming Carnival Years 4-12 - 21st February
  • Year 12 Emu Gully Camp - 25th-27th February
  • Japan Mission Trip - 13th - 22nd April

*These dates were correct at the time of publishing however, no guarantee can be given that dates will not change throughout the year.



A daily, aloud reading of the passage usually ensures that the student knows the passage by the end of the month. Please adjust the size of the passage to meet your child’s age and abilities. Most secondary students usually complete the whole passage.

Below is a listing of all the Scripture verses for the 2018 year.


Proverbs 4:1-9


Psalm 24:1-10


Matthew 5:3-12


Isaiah 6:1-8


Romans 5:11-18


Matthew 7:7-14


Psalm 104:1-9


James 1:2-10


1 Chronicles 16:8-15


John 15:1-8


Isaiah 9:6-7


Six-weeks term notice (this does not include school holidays) is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice will result in additional fees being charged. Families must complete the Student Exit Form to initiate the withdrawal process.


If you wish to receive a Student ID card for 2018, please fill out this form. You will need to have passport quality photos ready to attach for each student. The photo must be well lighted, and have a plain background (no trees, or snazzy wallpapers).  

2019 CAMPS

There are exciting changes happening for camps in Distance Education next year! We have four camps in 2019 on offer for our DE students!

Firstly, there will be combined DE and On Campus camps for the Year 10 and Year 12 students. The Year 12’s will experience an amazing camp at Emu Gully on the 25th-27th February 2019 (Week 5, Term 1). Emu Gully is located west of Brisbane between Gatton and Toowoomba. The Year 10’s will venture to Maroochy Waterfront on the Sunshine Coast and will be held between the 13th-15th March 2019 (Week 7, Term 1). The information booklets for these two camps will be sent out very soon… so stay tuned! Due to the new structure of the camps, Year 11 students will not have a camp.

The final two DE camps will take place at the same time and same location on the Gold Coast. The Junior School Camp (Grades 4-6) and the Middle School Camp (Grades 7-9) will held at the beautiful location of CYC Burleigh on the 12th-14th June 2019 (Week 8, Term 2). To make it easier for families with multiple children, we have put these 2 camps on at the same time and same place. They will have different programs so students in the two age groups will have a different experience. As part of a 3 year rotation, in 2020 and 2021, these Junior and Middle School Camps will take place at different locations.

Emu Gully - $333


Maroochy Waterfront - $333


CYC Burleigh - $265 for 4-6 camp - $265 for 7-9 camp


Holiday Reading Loss

Research has shown that over the long break reading skills of students decline significantly. This loss can accumulate to 3 years of lost reading skills by the end of Year 5. It is important to keep the learning process going through the holidays so your child doesn’t fall behind.

Keeping children reading reduces summer reading loss. It also helps children develop better reading habits and learn to love reading.

Here are some strategies to encourage your child to read during the holidays.

  1. Find a topic your child enjoys
  2. Make reading a part of your everyday routine
  3. Get a library card
  4. Plan a trip to the bookstore
  5. Read aloud with your child
  6. Read a book that has a movie that your child would like, then watch the movie
  7. Start a new series of books
  8. Read graphic novels or comics (these can help children who struggle with reading)

Year 5 Showcase - Arts - Digital Story - The Story of Christmas

On behalf of the Primary team, we would like to wish all of our families and their loved ones a safe, happy and blessed Christmas and New Year. May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you celebrate the birth of His son Jesus Christ this holiday season.

As a parting gift for 2018, we wanted to share The Story of Christmas, a digital story, by one of our very talented and gifted Year 5 students, Miss Genevieve (Gigi) Douglass.  

Enjoy and God bless…

SECONDARY ARTICLE - Managing Technology

‘The Dark Side of Technology’ by Brad Huddleston is a wonderful book that addresses how we can handle technology for our children from a christian perspective. Chapter 14 & 15 looks at the parent as the first line of defense and internet safety.

Some points from these sections are:

  1. Put screens in public places where everyone can see them!
  2. Make music choices as a family.
  3. A parents’ role is to determine who influences their children, not culture.
  4. Engage with your children and what they are doing.
  5. Use technology like a tool. Once you have finished with it, put it away.
  6. Deuteronomy 6:6-9 (read it and see).
  7. You are the parent and not their friend.
  8. Use the rod of correction if needed.
  9. Consider distance education. ‘Tick’ you are already doing this!
  10. Children will get around filters, firewalls etc. So encourage them to choose the ‘right thing’. Refer to point 8 if this fails and encourage them in the fear of the Lord.
  11. Block features on phones if your children aren’t mature enough to use them.
  12. Remove game chat features as this is used by pedophiles and people looking to groom your child.
  13. Teach them to keep information private. Read what happened to Hezekiah in 2 Kings 20 when he showed Marduk-Baladan the son of Baladan, king of Babylon everything he owned!
  14. Turn off GPS tracking and location sharing.

Tool list:

Unfortunately, I haven’t done Brad any justice in these points. In fact I have mutilated them! So, I highly recommend getting a copy of his book.

May God bless you as you watch and protect your children.


As we near the end of the school year for 2018, we want to congratulate all our Year 12s on their graduation and wish them every success for their future endeavours. It was so lovely to see them celebrate their success at our end of year functions, with some students already having secured university offers, TAFE offers, full time apprenticeships and employment in their chosen fields. We pray that they remember to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight” Proverbs 3:5-6.


Final Results and OPs

Ensure you check your learning account on student connect to ensure your details and your eligibility for your QCE are correct. The address that is recorded in your learning account is the one used for posting your Senior Education Profile package, including your QCE & OP if eligible.  Your student connect account is also where your Final Results and OP will be posted on 15 December 2018.  Go to to log in. You will need your LUI number and your password. Any concerns, please email Mrs Fraser asap [email protected]

QTAC Key Dates for the major round offer

Friday 14 December is the final date to supply documents and Tuesday 8 January 2019 is the final date to add, move or delete preferences for the main QTAC offer round on 16 January 2019. For earlier offer rounds, see for all the details. While you can apply or submit documents after due dates, they may not be assessed in time.

Free TAFE training for Year 12 Graduates

There are many high priority Certificate III courses available for eligible Year 12 graduates. Detailed information about the available courses were emailed to parents and students on 6 November. Students must enrol and start training in a high priority qualification within the calendar year after leaving school to take advantage of this great opportunity. More Certificate III apprenticeship programs are available under FREE TAFE funding. Contact TAFE QLD to find out more.

For further information about post school options, please remember to use our careers website and another handy document can be found here


ATAR and My Path

ATAR - From 2020, the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) will replace the Overall Position (OP) as the standard pathway to tertiary study for Queensland Year 12s. The ATAR is the primary mechanism used nationally for tertiary admissions and indicates a student’s position relative to other students. The ATAR will be used for graduates from the end of 2020 who seek entry to tertiary courses commencing from 2021.

My Path - My Path is an innovative tool that helps Year 9 & 10 students consider their senior subjects, determine their ATAR eligibility and check whether their senior subject selection will meet prerequisites for courses they may want to pursue after Year 12. My Path enables access to the most up-to-date tertiary prerequisite information available.

To all our College families, we want to take this opportunity to wish you a safe holiday break as we look forward to 2019 with hope and anticipation.  

God bless

Sue Fraser

Head of Student Services

[email protected]