Dear Parents,

The end of Semester 1 is on us and that means a lot of work for staff and senior students.The senior students are into exams for these last weeks of term. Report cards will be available early Term 3.

The last two days of term are the DE/DS Athletics Carnival (Thursday Years 4-12, Friday Prep – Yr 3) that will be a great way to finish the Semester.It is always a great day or two having the DE parents involved in our Athletics. Watch our Facebook page for lots of photos!

The new Year 1 – 2 curriculum materials received a boost from our ACC Moreton staff when Michelle Flood took down a mixture of Day School and DE staff to speed up the process so we can get materials to you earlier in future terms as well as use their wealth of Day School experience at this level.It was a crazy week of curriculum development and filming and we thank Michelle Flood, Michelle Tsui, Annikka Hnialum, Cara Henley for all the hard work for the benefit of our DE parents and students. A special thanks to Rick Shingles and all the other DE and DS staff who supported them from home. How blessed we are to have such a great team.

Our senior management team met with QCAA leaders regarding the latest changes for the new QCE and especially those aiming for an ATAR score. The new QCE is falling into place and our plans we have spoken about in the past do not have to be changed. Mrs Newell and Miss Flood will be sharing all the new information they learnt and Mrs Fraser will be incorporating it into career planning for your children. I encourage as many DE parents as possible to attend Information Nights, or watch the recording of those events. They will help you understand the new changes for QCE students. If you are unsure what is happening at any time you can ring the Senior School staff via the office.

As a staff we have been focusing our last two weeks of term on God’s wonderful creation. The older I get the more I am amazed at God’s beautiful creation, and the wonderful balancing act of volcanoes, moving ice sheets, changing deserts, and human influences. I encourage you to reread those amazing creation chapters from Genesis 1 and 2.For younger students there are many, many Biblical creation story YouTube clips to show younger children – but please preview them first. Perhaps over the holidays when you have time with your children without school work you can point out some of the wonders of creation to your children - turn a road trip, or a holiday, or even a walk in the park, into a wonderful teaching moment about God’s creation.

God bless you all and have a wonderful holiday break.

Gary Underwood


[email protected] 


Term 2 has come to an end after what has been a very full term with an increasingly wide range of academic and co-curricular activities and events taking place for both students and teachers.

Time in Sydney

I had the privilege of attending the annual Principals and Deputy Principals conference in Sydney. All the leaders in the nine ACC schools around Australia met together for a wonderful time of professional learning and fellowship. We all revisited our vision and mission and were reminded over and over just how faithful the Lord has been in providing for each of the schools. It is important to constantly revisit the College’s vision so that we do not deviate from God’s call on this ministry.

There are three ACC Distance Education schools around the country - ACC - Southlands, ACC - Marsden Park and of course ACC - Moreton. All three Distance Education schools are growing and seeing young people impacted. Being an online student is not easy, but I see time and time again just how students rise to the challenge, commit to their work, overcome hurdles and stresses and progress forward. What a delight it is be part of educating the next generation and the future leaders of our country.

The week following the conference, I headed down to Sydney again with a team of amazing teachers, dedicated to writing programs and building the Year 1 and 2 curriculum. Pulling together curriculum has always been something I’ve enjoyed so I had a great time. It was a big week, but a successful one. Thank you parents of Year 1 and 2 students for being so patient and flexible while we iron our wrinkles in the new curriculum. It’s been a steep learning curve for us all.

Report Cards

Report Cards will be locked and available for viewing mid-Week 1 of Term 3. A notification email will be sent to families once they are ready. Teachers are extremely busy marking the hundreds of pieces of assessments that have been submitted. Remember to check Schoology for feedback and grades. If you don’t know where to find the feedback, please contact the College.

Online Attendance

Before reports are finalised, we have to check that attendance for semester 1 is up-to-date. Please help us by jumping into Quickschools and ensuring your children’s attendance is correct.

Palm Island Mission Trip

Towards the end of July, a team of 13 students and 2 teachers will be heading to North QLD for a short-term mission experience. Please pray for each team member. They spend 4 days in Townsville before heading to Palm Island to work in the indigenous community.

There are two distance education students going.

Thank you

I want to thank all parents and staff for remaining committed to partnering with one another in providing a strong Christian and educational environment where our students are safe, are known, and feel supported in their personal growth as a child. As this is the last newsletter of Term 2, I want to commend all our students for a great term. Many of you have worked extremely hard and have shown good progress in your learning.

To all our parents, I hope you get to spend some quality R & R - you deserve it. There are no doubt a lot of very tired children (and Home Supervisors) around the state, so the holidays will be a great opportunity to recharge for Term 3.

Have a blessed mid-year holiday. Staff will return on the 16th July. We look forward to continuing our strong partnerships with DE families when we return in Term 3.

Michelle Flood

Deputy Principal

[email protected] 


Please remember to visit our website calendar to find up-to-date information about events and other school happenings.

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(10 Weeks) Monday 16th July - Friday 21st September

  • Students Return: Monday 16th July
  • EKKA Holiday: 13th August
  • QLD Core Skills Test (Year 12s): 4th and 5th September


(9 Weeks) Monday 8th October - Thursday 6th December

  • Students Return: Monday 9th October
  • Student Free Dates: 15th October & 7th December
  • Brisbane Awards and Graduation Ceremony: 10th November
  • Senior Formal: 15th November
  • Last day for Year 12 students: 16th November
  • Cambodia Discovery Tour (Yr 11 students): Dates 29th Nov - 9th December



A daily, aloud reading of the passage usually ensures that the student knows the passage by the end of the month. Please adjust the size of the passage to meet your child’s age and abilities. Most secondary students usually complete the whole passage.

Below is a listing of all the Scripture verses for the 2018 year.


Proverbs 4:1-9


Psalm 24:1-10


Matthew 5:3-12


Isaiah 6:1-8


Romans 5:11-18


Matthew 7:7-14


Psalm 104:1-9


James 1:2-10


1 Chronicles 16:8-15


John 15:1-8


Isaiah 9:6-7


Six-weeks term notice (this does not include school holidays) is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice will result in additional fees being charged. Families must complete the Student Exit Form to initiate the withdrawal process.


If you wish to receive a Student ID card for 2018, please fill out this form. You will need to have passport quality photos ready to attach for each student. The photo must be well lighted, and have a plain background (no trees, or snazzy wallpapers).  


What To Do On School Holidays - CC 6/2018

With school holidays coming up, now seemed like a great time to start gathering ideas about what you will do as a family. This can be a daunting task; so, here is some inspiration for you. Hope your school holidays are fantastically filled with fun!

  1. Make lists and give your children a choice.
  1. In the first week of school holidays or week leading up to school holidays get your children to make a list of what they would love to do on the school holidays. Make sure that they know to put some options that won’t cost anything in their lists. Then, as a family vote to decide the best options.
  1. Pick a book or a book series to start reading together as a family. Take 30 minutes out of each day in the school holidays to sit down as a family and read together. Take turns to read aloud from the book of your family’s choice. Once you’ve read a chapter or two, talk about the book together. I have fantastic memories of my childhood where my siblings and I would sit down together doing this whether it was Narnia, Little House on the Prairie, or Charlotte’s Web. Family reading times were always one of my favourite.
  1. An added benefit of this is that it keeps your children’s reading stamina up over the holidays and avoids ‘summer reading loss’. This is important and isn’t just occuring in primary school kids. If you’re not quite sure what summer reading loss is, follow this link: 
  1. Organise a day out with a family from church or another distance education family that you know.
  2. See what holiday programs your local library offers and sign up for what takes your fancy. These programs can be awesome! Take a look at the pictures below to see what Moreton Bay Regional Libraries have offered in the past.


21st Century Skills

Senior school is all about the content – right? Everyday we work with students journeying through their Senior studies. Each journey is unique and each student has a very different path – and this is the way it should be. Some students are preparing for specific courses at University, some for vocational training others for apprenticeships and still others are just trying to keep their paths as wide as possible as they have no set idea!

However, no matter what the pathway a student is destined to travel, there are skills that are necessary for all students in an ever changing world.

In September 2017, QCAA released the position paper “21st century skills for senior curriculum”.The following is quoted directly from this paper:

“Acquiring a broad set of skills during senior schooling is critical to students’ success in further education and in life. This is because ‘[t]he world is changing in ways that require education to ensure that students achieve a range of generic learning outcomes as well as discipline-specific learning outcomes’ (Bowman 2010). Research suggests that to meet the demands of the 21st century, students need more than core subject knowledge (Bruniges 2012); in order to be successful, they need to become lifelong learners and global citizens who create opportunities and are confident in pursuing their passions (Department of Education and Training 2016). To assist students with achieving these outcomes, education needs to meet these demands. The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) has identified and defined a set of 21st century skills based on national and international research about the skills students need in the 21st century. Along with literacy and numeracy, these 21st century skills are the underpinning factors that shape the development of the General senior syllabuses. These 21st century skills will help prepare Queensland students by giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to be equipped for the demands of higher education, work and life, and to participate effectively in the community and the economy in a complex and rapidly changing world... 21st century skills include critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, collaboration and teamwork, personal and social skills, and information and communication technologies (ICT) skills. These are supported by associated skills that elaborate on the 21st century skills.”

In addition the following document is provided by QCAA to direct schools’ administration of these 21st century skills throughout activities within our senior syllabuses and to ensure our young Queenslanders are 21st century prepared for such a changing world.


So what does this mean for the new ATAR changes?

What is clear from the research is that no matter the changes that our children must manage into the future it is these ‘softer’ skills that will remain. The ability to work together, get along with others, collaborate, manage ICT, be creative and critical and communicate effectively are still the dominant needs on both educational and vocational landscapes.

Consequently, our focus in Senior school will be to ensure that these skills are both implicitly and explicitly addressed in syllabuses at ACC-Moreton. We are committed to producing students who, no matter the path they choose, will be prepared for our ever-changing world.

Anita Newell

Head of Senior School

[email protected] 


Provisional Statements - Year 11 & 12 Students

Shortly all Year 11 & 12 students will receive via email from our school a provisional statement that is generated by QCAA. When you receive this emailed statement, you need to check that the student personal and academic data are correct.Each Provisional Statement has clear instructions attached.Students should check the information on these statements to ensure the accuracy of Student Learning Accounts at this stage. Any concerns or queries should be directed to Mrs Fraser for investigation and correction, if necessary.

Students need their 10-digit Learner Unique Identifier (LUI) to log into their learning account in Student Connect ( Your LUI number is recorded on your SET plan. You can also phone the College Office as they will have a record of your LUI number.Please advise Mrs Fraser if there is something NOT on your learning account that should be (eg. a Certificate course) so that it can be followed up with the Registered Training Organisation. If you have not accessed your learning account before, it will ask for your password. The initial password is your day and month of birth in ddmm format (eg. If I was born on the 8 October, my password would be 0810). Please also remember to choose an email address (not your school email) that won’t change after you graduate.

This is an important time to check your details as your learning account in Student Connect is where Year 12 students go to check their final results and if eligible, their awarded OP when they are released online on Saturday 15 December. The address is also where the the Senior Statement, QCE (or QCIA) and other SEP documents will be posted.

School Holiday Opportunities

School holidays are great opportunities to spend more time with your children. Nothing can replace the value of quality time that parents and carers make to be with their children. However, children and young people also enjoy the opportunity to be involved in planned activities during holidays. Listed below are some of these opportunities available. So if you are keen – check out the links below for further information.

Scripture Union QLD Holiday camps - Check out the winter school holiday camps available! at There are camps for kids who love computers (Ubertweek) kids who enjoy the creative arts (SMADD) and kids who love the outdoor adventure activities.

Brisbane Roar Clinics - To view and register for any clinics please go to and select Holiday Programs. Places will be limited.

Holiday events - Many regional councils run holiday programs and events. So contact your local council office to find out what is available.


There is also the opportunity to explore careers prior to documenting a Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan. Don’t forget our website but MyFuture has also updated their website so it is worth a look.

MyFuture Updated

This is a great resource for careers and they have just added a new aspect that contains links to articles that provide tips and advice for parents and carers to assist their child with their career development. Go to

Enjoy this holiday break and we pray for a safe and refreshed return for the start of Semester 2.

God bless

Sue Fraser

Head of Student Services

[email protected]


On a cold weekend in Toowoomba, Paul Shepherd (year 10) and Kenric Nugteren (year 9) competed in the Secondary Individual Chess Competition.This event consists of students playing 6 games over 2 days.The competition was keen and both boys played well.Paul (4 wins) placed 10th and Kenric (3 wins) placed 28th out of the 54 students.Well done boys!!

Upcoming Events - Term 3

Excursion to the Ginger Factory

Thursday, 26th July

Information and registration link: 

Toowoomba Excursion

Friday, 27th July

Information and registration link: 

Upper Coomera Activity Day

Monday, 30th July

Information and registration link: 

Wide Bay Activity Day

Friday, 3rd August

Information and registration link: 

Wivenhoe Day Excursion

Tuesday, 21st August

Information and registration link: 

Virtual Excursion

Wednesday, 29th August

Information and registration link: TBA

QUT - The Cube Excursion

Tuesday, 11th September

Information and registration link: TBA