Dear parents, this is one of the few times in 6 years that I have written one newsletter article for both our On-Campus families and our Distance Education families.

Dr Wess Stafford President of Compassion International wrote “I grew up in West Africa that had no word for competition. For me to win at the expense of another’s loss was simply inconceivable. And so it should be in the building of God’s kingdom.” Richard Stearns, President World Vision US, wrote “I love the African quote ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together’. It applies especially well to the power of community in Kingdom work.”

Wow! These quotes are so amazing to me. Just think about how these quotes differ so much from the attitudes in politics this week. And, this includes Christian members of parliament.

Are we so competitive in today’s world that we have forgotten the basic lessons Jesus taught us? Are you just as competitive at work? Do you push the values of being the best, being first, winning above all else, - even with your children?

In Corinthians 3:7,9 Paul wrote:

“Neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow … for we are all co-workers in God’s service.”
Corinthians 3:7,9

We’re servants of God’s mission. When one of us succeeds, we all win, because Jesus’ name is lifted high.

Building the Kingdom of God is a team sport, not a competition. We’re better together, not apart. In the US in 2005, there were 50,000 Christian–based not-for-profits companies. 10 years later only 28% remain. 3 of 4 failed. How many organisations have survived 500 years? From the 1500s to now only 85 organisations, and that includes hospitals, churches, schools, ministries etc, have survived. The others are all gone. Perhaps that competitive spirit is the problem.

Imagine what we could accomplish as a nation, as a Church, even as your family, if we stopped caring who was bigger or better. From my perspective as a Christian school principal, imagine what we in Christian schools could accomplish if we stopped competing and started partnering? At the end of the day, it’s not about you or me – its about God.

As competition for personal gain, or the ‘its-all-about-me’ generation, continue to grow, then confidence in public institutions falls. From massive surveys in the US we know that people give their highest-ranking confidence to their military and small business owners. In 1973, 43% of Americans placed a great deal of trust in the church. In 2017, 20% do. In 1973 only 7% said they had 'very little' trust in the church. Now 24% have very little trust in the church or faith based organizations.

The number of people trusting the church has halved! The number of people distrusting it has tripled.

Some of the reasons are obvious: abuse of power, moral failure, political and financial expediency. But also our organisations have been influenced by rugged individualism which fuels division between people who should be united in mission – some deserve some of the skepticism from the world. It confuses the world around us when we are focused on our organization’s success. Are we on the same team or not? People get confused and trust is eroded. I think this comment works on so many levels – the church, politics, and business, and even within our families. Together we are stronger!

In 1 Coronthians Paul chastises Christ’s followers in Corinth who had split into 4 groups: “Is Christ divided?” I wonder what he would think today?

In John 17 Jesus longest recorded prayer in Scripture rebukes this current situation. He prays “that ‘we’ may become perfectly one”, so that the world will know the Father’s Love. Our witness to the world hinges on our unity.

Jesus says our ‘oneness’ is how people identify us. “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” In todays politics, business, not-for-profits and even families, when we have disagreements we ‘split”! We need to find unity in Christ in an age of individualism, intellectual rights, etc.

We are better together! We will need to fight and struggle – but not against one another. Competition creates faith poverty. For Christians, winning is when we are united. With the world set on a path on individualism and suspicion it provides a new opportunity for Christians to share and show what we are for! We can do more together than we can do apart.

We need no more proof than the current drought in Western Queensland and NSW. Everyone has come together, united, in the fight for the farming community. Such is the power of unity. Political parties are all saying the same thing – we must help. Big business is saying the same thing – we must help. Churches, schools and even within families we feel united when we all come together to help the farmers. AND, it feels good!

I was blown away seeing this during the last week. I have had organisations asking us to help raise money for our farmers. I have had children come and ask me. I have had parents with their children from Prep to QCE ask me how we can help. I have also had our DE parents in rural areas needing help with school fees and financial help to feed their families. I have enrolled some new families in On-Campus recently who have walked off the land and were forced to find work in the region. I had sat with them and cried as they told their stories. Together we are one!

On the 30th August our College as one will attempt to raise money for DE families living out west. The On-Campus children will come dressed as farmers for a donation. Our staff and parents and friends will be asked to help. I know some DE children have also started door knocking. How amazing is it when we as a community follow Jesus direction and are united. The fund-raising will continue until October when I will take some of our students out to Toowoomba to meet our DE families in the region who this fund will help.

Please help out our struggling farmers using the donate button below.

Help our students,
help Queensland farmers.

I pray you can also stand united in your church, in your work, and in your family.

God bless our DE and On-Campus families.

Gary Underwood


[email protected]


Long Service Leave

This term in Week 4 saw the departure of Miss Flood off to the UK and the US for a well deserved long service leave break. We are praying for a safe and relaxing time, and for the Lord to return her to us in Term 4 fresh and ready to go to finish the year strong. In her absence, please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist your family as you carry out the high and holy calling of educating the current and future servants of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

End of Year Awards Nominations

The end of the year is fast approaching, and families can start nominating their students for Parent Choice Awards, and also choosing how and where they would like to receive their awards by using this link: Application for Awards 2018.

This year, the following awards will be given.

Below is an outline of the scope and type of awards available, with the aim of motivating students to meet their highest potential.Some of these awards need to be selected by parents, and others are selected by the College Teachers.

Scripture Memorisation Award

Awarded to students who have memorised the nominated Scripture passages during the year up until 2nd November 2018.

Sword of the Spirit Award

Awarded to students who have memorised a book of the Bible during the year up until 2nd November 2018.

Parent’s Choice Awards

Parents/Guardians select up to two awards listed below to acknowledge their child’s individual achievements in 2018.

Awards to choose from:

- Christian Character Award

Awarded to students who have most consistently been an example of behaviour in word, conduct, love, spirit, faith, and purity of life (1 Timothy 4:12).

- Citizenship Award

Awarded to students who have regularly participated in local community (including church) activities in their own time and volunteered repeatedly to serve others; and who has shown outstanding leadership and responsibility.

- Persistence and Effort Award

Awarded to students who have shown a conscientious, perseverant, positive and hard working attitude; and consistently applied their best effort.

- Creative Arts Award

Awarded to students who have participated in out-of-school performing arts activities and have demonstrated a high level of skill/s in at least two of the following areas - Visual Art, Drama, Media and Music; and demonstrated a consistent attitude, focus and commitment in at least two of the following areas - visual Art, Drama, Media and Music.

- Sports Award

Awarded to students who participate in out-of school sporting activities and have demonstrated a high level of skill/s in chosen sport; and demonstrated a consistent attitude, focus and commitment.

- Emerging Entrepreneur Award

Awarded to young business leaders who are turning their innovative ideas into reality and forging new paths. Students may own their own business or have demonstrated that they are making great strides towards their own unique place in the business community.

Academic Honours Award

Awarded to the highest achieving year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 students in all subject areas. This is calculated by the average results achieved up until the final day of Term 3 and determined by the ACC class teachers.

Encouragement Award

Awarded to students who have demonstrated a marked growth in adjusting to the requirements and expectations of school work despite facing many challenges.This award is determined by ACC class teachers.

Most Improved Award

Awarded to students who have demonstrated a marked level of improvement throughout the year in reading and/or writing, and/or numeracy and/or participation, as demonstrated by school data. This award is determined by ACC class teachers.

Subject Excellence Award

Awarded to the highest achieving year 7, 8, 9, and 10 online students in Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Science. This is calculated by the average results achieved up until the final day of Term 3 and determined by the ACC subject teachers.

QCE Subject Academic Award

Awarded to the highest achieving student in each QCE subject in years 11 and 12. This is calculated by the average results achieved up until the final day of Term 3 and determined by the ACC subject teachers.

Joshua Avenell

Acting Deputy Principal

[email protected]


Please remember to visit our website calendar to find up-to-date information about events and other school happenings.

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(10 Weeks) Monday 16th July - Friday 21st September

  • QLD Core Skills Test (Year 12s): 4th and 5th September
  • Last day for Years 1-9 Engagement submissions: 14th September
  • Release of Term 4 work for Years 7-9: 14th September


(9 Weeks) Monday 8th October - Thursday 6th December



A daily, aloud reading of the passage usually ensures that the student knows the passage by the end of the month. Please adjust the size of the passage to meet your child’s age and abilities. Most secondary students usually complete the whole passage.

Below is a listing of all the Scripture verses for the 2018 year.


Proverbs 4:1-9


Psalm 24:1-10


Matthew 5:3-12


Isaiah 6:1-8


Romans 5:11-18


Matthew 7:7-14


Psalm 104:1-9


James 1:2-10


1 Chronicles 16:8-15


John 15:1-8


Isaiah 9:6-7


Six-weeks term notice (this does not include school holidays) is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice will result in additional fees being charged. Families must complete the Student Exit Form to initiate the withdrawal process.


If you wish to receive a Student ID card for 2018, please fill out this form. You will need to have passport quality photos ready to attach for each student. The photo must be well lighted, and have a plain background (no trees, or snazzy wallpapers).


Our Primary students have been doing some amazing work. Two Year 4 students drew the bicycles above! Open the two links below to see absolutely outstanding indigenous artworks also created by Year 4 students this year:

Also read some Year 4 student reflections on their Technology course last term. See below.


Week 1.

Persistence: Building a Foundation

I learned that I should not give up if I find something difficult and that when I get frustrated success is just around the corner!

Week 2.

Programming in Maze

Using blockly I learned how to move Scrat forward and up in maze. I also used the reset button when I made a mistake.

3. Debugging in Maze

I learned to use the step button to help me debug a programme.

4. Real Life Algorithms: Paper Planes

I learned how to make an algorithm by making a paper plane. Algorithms are everywhere in our daily lives. I even use algorithms when I choreograph a dance!

5. Programming in Collector

I learned how to use collector in my puzzle. I couldn’t just run over the treasure to pick it up, I had to press the collect button.

6. Programming in Artist

I loved this one because I got to draw and create pictures! I learned about pixels and how to change degree values.

7. Loops: Getting Loopy

I learned about loops by learning a dance combination.

8. Loops with Rey and BB-8

I learned to make BB-8 collect all the scrap metal using loops.

9. Loops in Artist

I created patterns combining loops and artist.

10. Loops in Harvester

I learned how to use move and turn blocks to get the Harvester to move from crop to crop and to use the pick block to collect the harvest. I could also use a loop to collect multiple crops.

11. The Big Event

I learned that an event is an action that causes something to happen.

12. Build a Flappy Game

I learned about drag and drop programmes and event handlers.

13. Events in Play Lab

I learned that I can make characters say different things and interact with each other.

14. Digital Citizenship

I learned that saying mean things online is not nice and can hurt peoples feeling. I learned about STOP witch stands for step away, tell a trusted adult, okay sites first, pause and think online.

15. Binary Bracelets

I learned about the binary system. I would like to learn more as I didn’t quite understand this concept.

I would like to do more of loop in harvest because I can make the harvester move and collect the harvest.

I also like events in play lab because I could make the characters talk and interact with each other.

I found Loops with Rey and BB-8 difficult because I had to give lots of instructions and I kept making mistakes! It took a long time and I got frustrated but I pushed through!

I would like to explore events in play lab more because I like the characters interacting with each other and this is super fun!

Year 5 students are also doing some excellent work. In Humanities & Social Sciences one student created this ‘imaginary’ letter sent by Matthew Flinders to his wife back in 1798.

Secondary - The Library, The English Department and You

By Carrie Croft

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that your English teachers love books. We also love libraries. So, we thought it would be a great idea to share with you why libraries are incredible and some of the things about them that you might not know. The first and most obvious reason why libraries are incredible is that they are free. Free books! Who wouldn’t get excited about that? Simply visit your local library, get a library card and start borrowing. However, most of your local libraries will offer much more than just the regular book borrowing system that we all know and love.

As an example of this, the Caboolture library has offered:

  • A Coding Club
  • Ukulele Lessons
  • A Minecraft Club
  • Science and Book Week Activities
  • School Holiday Workshops
  • A Crochet Club
  • And More

We really encourage you to go and discover what your library offers. They might just offer something that sparks your passions!

Now, time to talk a little bit more about books. Visiting your local library is great for those of you who love the feel of a physical book in your hands; however, if eBooks and audiobooks are more your style, never fear. Your local library might just offer these too! Many libraries will have a digital collection of eBooks and audiobooks which you can borrow and enjoy using a free program called OverDrive. All you need to get started is an internet connection and a library card. Take a look this link to find out more. Happy reading!


As we all approach the end of Term Three it is again clear that this is indeed the ‘business’ end of Senior for our students. With this in mind, Mr Johnson our Senior Coordinator recently went to some great PD and was reminded of the many simple things that we can do to manage the stress and anxiety that comes from wanting to achieve our very best.

Consequently, I offer the following article written by Mr Johnson as some quick helpful tips on how to succeed in Senior School during these busy times:

In light of the upcoming busy assessment schedule with QCS testing and other big Term 3 tasks approaching their due date, I thought it would be good timing to give students some tips to prepare for these busy times.

1. Get a good night sleep

You can’t afford to stay awake all night studying for an exam. Why? Becuase you won’t be able to effectively recall information for the exam. It’s as simple as that!

Make sure you get at least 8-9 hours of quality sleep a night.

2. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, everyday

Often students stop exercising when it comes exam time because they begin to think that they don’t have enough time (“I must spend every moment studying!”). Big mistake.

Exercise helps us study more effectively for various reasons. Firstly, it’s a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Secondly, it gets blood flowing to your brain supplying oxygen, which can help you to think more clearly.

3. Drink plenty of water

Often when we can’t think clearly, it’s because our brains need to be hydrated. While studying and taking your exams, make sure you take regular sips of water.

4. Focus on what you do know rather than what you don’t know

Chances are there will always be something that you could have studied more thoroughly or don’t know so well come the day of the exam. You are better off focusing on the fact that you now know so much more than you did before and you’ll be able to answer many questions in the exam.

5. Eat a nutritious breakfast

Studies have found that students who skip breakfast experience a 20-40% reduction in concentration, memory and alertness. Please eat a nutritious breakfast each and every day to feel fuller for longer, stabilise your mood and give you plenty of energy for the day.

6. Avoid drinking caffeine (e.g. energy drinks, coke and coffee)

Caffeine is a stimulant. It gives you a rush and makes you feel good in the short-term, but eventually it wears off and leaves you feeling cranky and wanting more. As a College we have a no caffeine policy that needs to be adhered to.

7. Remember, your teachers want you to do well

Don’t worry about writing a perfect answer. Just do the best you possibly can with the question you have. If you’re unsure, still write something down. You may not get any marks for it, but they won’t take marks off. Just remember, your teachers really are on your side.

We have amazing teachers in our Senior School that want you to achieve to your potential. Please use them as a resource effectively.

This last point is particularly important. In Senior School, teachers are the very most precious resource a student has and it is imperative that students ‘tap into’ this resource as much as possible. We pray that as our Senior students approach this last part of Term 3 they focus on the big picture and remember that all learning is an opportunity to grow.

Anita Newell

Head of Senior School

[email protected] 



The latter half of Term 3 is a busy one with students making choices for 2019.

Year 12 students need to lodge their QTAC applications before the end of September by going on to OR start applying directly to TAFE depending on their plans for further study.

Year 10 students are all documenting their SET Plans and these must be completed before Thursday 20 September. Set Plan link is

Year 9 students should have all completed their subject survey for ordering their subject preferences for 2019. If not, the link to the survey is and must be completed asap. Once subjects are confirmed, students will receive their final subject selection opportunity.

School Holiday Camp opportunities

Scripture Union Spring Camps are happening over the September school holidays. There are several on offer and all details can be found at

A reminder about the power of positivity

As Christians, we have every reason to be positive. We have a Saviour and Redeemer who loves us and promises us hope and life eternal. However, sometimes focusing on the positives can be challenging when faced with personal problems or when the media continues to expose us to news of tragedy. So I want to encourage you by highlighting the power of positivity and the changes it can make in your life.

Despite the negativity we may experience, by focusing on the wonderful things that are also happening and sharing these with others may not only encourage you but also those around you. Positive thoughts help us to live better lives and improve relationships. Barbara Fredrickson's Broaden-and-Build theory and research demonstrates that “as people experience more positive emotions, they become more resilient to stress, develop a broader perspective that allows them to see the big picture and identify solutions, build more meaningful relationships and connections and flourish in their lives and careers.”

We have the power to change our focus from the negative to the positive. Look for the good happening in our lives and give your problems over to God. When negativity starts to creep into your thoughts, make a conscious choice to negate this with a positive thought. Aim for three positive thoughts each morning and be thankful for the day. Listen to some praise and worship music, as this can be so uplifting. Surround yourself with people who are also positive and try not to get caught up in other people’s issues. Instead, encourage them. Watch comedies and laugh a little. Let’s start fuelling our lives today with positivity and thankfulness. Give it a try and feel the difference it can make.

God bless

Suzanne Fraser

Head of Student Services

[email protected]

Coming up next term...