Welcome to our DE family for 2019. It has been a testing start to 2019 for our DE families as well as our DE staff. Our families in mid and south western Queensland are still battling the drought. Our hearts and our prayers go out to you all. We pray for the monsoon up north to flow south and rain upon your farm land which will also invigorate the commercial services supporting those farms. In the north, we pray for our families being impacted by the huge monsoon rain that flooded from Daintree to Mackay and inland as well. While some of our families ar rejoicing in the rain, others are forced from their homes to escape the flooding. You are all very much in our thoughts and prayers. If we can help in any way please contact me at school. If your child misses school or assessment items because of these events, especially in Year 12, then please ensure our staff know about this immediately you are aware of it and we can support you through this period modifying the timeline etc. If it is Year 11 and 12 then ensure that Mrs Newell is emailed about this as soon as you can as Year 12 assessment is managed by QCAA as well as the college.

It has also been a stressful time  for our families trying to start new online courses with our new Sentral admin software and our new Learning Management System - Canvas (the new Schoology). Despite all our good plans and preparation the transfer has been difficult and slower than planned. That old saying comes to mind “People plan and God laughs”. I apologise for the delay for the start of the year, and I guarantee no child will suffer an impact on their assessment as a result of the delayed start. In the weeks ahead if you feel this is the case then please email me immediately and directly. I will personally ensure this is not a problem for your students.

It has also been difficult in getting new software to parents from our suppliers as there have been changes with the providers as well. This has been a larger problem than expected due to a large growing DE senior school that  is still seeing students enrolling in large numbers after school has started. This means that those requiring books and software links will not get these as fast as normal. My staff is working very long hours and weekends to ensure we get materials to new parents as fast as we can.

I would like to welcome Mrs Fraser to her new role as Deputy Principal Distance Education. She will manage all our DE families and their courses, excursions - everything you need for a most successful year. Miss Flood is still in the College as our DP of the Day School and will help the transition be as seamless as possible. When our weather calms and life in the north returns to recovery and then normal, I look forward to visiting North Queensland with Mrs Fraser and receiving feedback in how we can better serve our families, especially regarding the new QCE.

The new Queensland Certificate of Education starts with our Year 11 students this year. Our current Year 12 students will be the last to complete the old QCE and receive an OP. Thus, we are running two senior courses at the same time - a Year 10 and 11 new QCE and the old Year 12 QCE. I am glad it is only for this year. We will do all we can to ensure that we get to meet with parents around the State and ensure they have a good understanding about the changes.  In the Day School we started the new QCE in Year 10 last year giving our Year 10 students a taste of the new course they will start this year in Year 11. We also did this with some subjects in DE. I also spoke in person about this at events last year. So the transfer to the new course will a lot easier for our DE students than students in many schools. This year all our Year 10 DE students are undertaking some new QCE subjects and banking points towards their QCE, all designed to help reduce the stress of the final year and the impact of the reliance of exams results at the end of Year 12 in 2020. I encourage all families with a student in Year 10 to 12 to carefully read the Senior School section of the newsletter every month and watch out for emails and messages during the year. These should not be dismissed as they may have a direct impact on your child’s final QCE and ATAR scores.

In our DE Middle School and Primary school there has also been great change as well. We welcome new Prep students to DE who are learning on our new Prep program. Another first as we have only had Prep students using the ACE program in the past. These lower year levels depend so much on parental hands-on teaching and we are so greatful for the sacrifice all our parents, especially primary, make to educate your children at home.

To end with some more exciting and positive news - the excursion to see the turtles hatching at Mon Repos off Bundaberg has been announced. This was so popular last year!  I encourage you from wherever you live to travel and see this wonderful phenomenon. It is soon, so please check the newsletter for more details and book early.  I know some staff and families are making a extended weekend of this event as the excursion in on the Monday.

God bless you all and I pray you have a wonderful DE experience in 2019.

Gary Underwood

College Principal


Welcome to Term 1 and I would particularly like to extend a warm welcome to all the families who have decided to join our Distance Education community for 2019. The start of this year has been full of firsts, with the commencement of our new online Prep program, the introduction of the new QCE and ATAR for our Year 11 students and the launch of the new student management system and online learning platform for our College. While we put into place many strategies to ensure a seamless transition, there have been some challenges with technology and we do thank you all for your patience and perseverance. I want to assure you that our staff are here to support you and do what we can to make this year a positive and rewarding experience for you.

Another first is my role as Deputy Principal for Distance Education at ACC. While I have held a Deputy Principal position before in a Christian P-12 on campus school, I am excited by the opportunity to further explore online learning and bring my experience to this sector of the College. Apart from providing excellence in education, my main aim is to build relationships and a community feel so that regardless of where our families are located, they feel connected and a sense of belonging. So in order to start building relationship, here is a brief overview of me…

My faith, my family and my career are three integral parts of my life. I was blessed to have family and friends who shared their love of God with me from the day I was born and through their teaching and actions, I made the personal decision to become a Christian at the age of 10 and have chosen to walk with God ever since. While I have experienced some challenges over this time, I can honestly say I feel truly blessed.

I celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary this year and we have three married children, one grandson and one new grandchild due in June. We love travelling and exploring, we have a couple of family businesses and for fun, we get out on the water as often as possible, boating and jetskiing.

As for my professional journey, it began 29 years ago in various Queensland high schools from Ayr to the Gold Coast region. I have taught mainly in the secondary school with a couple of years teaching Prep. I have been a Behaviour Management Advisory teacher for Education Queensland and am a qualified Guidance Counsellor. For the last 16 years, my focus has been in Christian education where I desire to see every student have the opportunity to grow up in the knowledge of God and to work towards fulfilling the plan and purpose that God has for their lives, regardless of any barriers that they may face. I have been with Australian Christian College for the last 5.5 years and have been excited to be a part of the growth journey that they have experienced and plan to continue to play my part in the team to achieve the ACC vision.

I just want to remind you that communication is a vital part of the Distance Education experience so I encourage you to contact our team should you have any questions or concerns. Subject related questions are best addressed by your teachers; however, you also have access to my email and direct phone line should you need to contact me. Please be aware that our newsletters and emails are our main avenues for communicating important information, so I encourage you to read these on a regular basis to keep informed of all the happenings of the College. I look forward to meeting many of you as I attend the various events throughout the year.

In wrapping up my section of this newsletter, I just want to ask all of you to please join with us in praying for all our families who have been adversely affected by the recent floods. Some of our families have lost a large proportion of their livestock/crops in addition to their homes and livelihoods. It is such a heartbreaking time and where possible, I encourage you all to play your part in helping our neighbours in need.

God bless   

Mrs Suzanne Fraser

Deputy Principal 


Please remember to visit our website calendar to find up-to-date information about events and other school happenings.

Click 'Google Calendar' to have our events display in your own calendar.


TERM ONE 2019 *

Monday 28th January - 5th April (10 weeks)

  • Australia Day (Public Holiday) - 28th January
  • First day of Term 1 - 29th January
  • Mon Repos Turtle Experience - 18th February
  • Toowoomba Activity - 21st February
  • Year 12 Emu Gully Camp - 25th-27th February
  • Tree Top Challenge at Tamborine Mountain - 1st March
  • Sunshine Coast Activity - 4th March
  • Townsville Activity - 8th March
  • Cairns Activity - 11th March
  • Year 10 Camp - 13th to 15th March
  • National Day Against Bullying - 15th March
  • Cultural Celebration Day - 21st March
  • Cross Country Carnival - 29th March
  • Wide Bay Activity - 3rd April
  • Japan Mission Trip - 13th - 22nd April

TERM TWO 2019 *

Tuesday 23rd April - 21st June (9 weeks)

  • Easter Monday (public holiday) - 22nd April
  • ANZAC Day - 25th April
  • Gold Coast Activity - 29th April
  • Wide Bay Activity - 1st May
  • Sports Carnival Years Prep to 3 - 3rd May
  • Labour Day (public holiday) - 6th May
  • Townsville Activity - 10th May
  • Cairns Activity - 13th May
  • Naplan - 14th to 16th May
  • Toowoomba Activity - 20th May
  • Cyber Safety Day - 22nd May
  • Year 11 Exam Block 27th - 30th May
  • Sunshine Coast Activity - 31st May
  • Years 4-9 Camp - 12th - 14th June
  • Exam Block Years 10 & 12 - 17th to 20th June
  • Sports Carnival Years 4 to 12 - 21st June


Monday 15th July - 20th September (10 weeks)

  • Townsville Activity - 19th July
  • Cairns Activity - 22nd July
  • Gold Coast Activity - 22nd July
  • Wide Bay Activity - 2nd August
  • Sunshine Coast Activity - 5th August
  • ACC Film Festival - 7th August
  • Toowoomba Region Activity - 19th August
  • Maritime Museum & Ferry Ride Excursion - 30th August
  • Year 12 QSC Testing - 3rd and 4th September

TERM FOUR 2019 *

Tuesday 8th October - 5th December (9 weeks)

  • Queens Birthday  Public Holiday - 7th October
  • Sunshine Coast Activity - 16th October
  • Swimming Carnival Years 4 - 12 - 18th October
  • Townsville End of Year Celebration - 25th October
  • Cairns End of Year Celebration - 28th October
  • Exam Block Years 10, 11 and 12 - 1st to 7th November
  • DE Brisbane Awards and Graduation Ceremony - 9th November
  • Year 12 Senior Formal - 14th November
  • Year 12 Last Day of School - 15th November
  • Gold Coast End of Year Celebration - 18th November
  • Toowoomba End of Year Celebration - 21st November
  • Christmas Carols ACC Moreton Campus - 27th November
  • Wide Bay Activity - 29th November
  • Diverse-Ability Day - 3rd December

*These dates were correct at the time of publishing however, no guarantee can be given that dates will not change throughout the year.



Six-weeks term notice (this does not include school holidays) is required for withdrawal of students. Insufficient notice will result in additional fees being charged. Families must complete the Student Departure Form to initiate the withdrawal process.


If you wish to receive a Student ID card for 2019, please fill out this form. You will need to have passport quality photos ready to attach for each student. The photo must be well lighted, and have a plain background (no trees, or snazzy wallpapers).  Please be aware that processing of cards takes up to 10 days, this may take longer at the beginning of the school year.


Our attendance module has updated with our new School Management System database. Your student will be marked as present for all term days unless you let the admin team to mark them absent. You can do this on the day or at the end of the week and the admin team will update your students records. Please email [email protected]  for all days absent. If your student is absent for an extended period please provide a medical certificate for the absent time.

2019 CAMPS

There are exciting changes happening for camps in Distance Education next year! We have four camps in 2019 on offer for our DE students!

Firstly, there will be combined DE and On Campus camps for the Year 10 and Year 12 students. The Year 12’s will experience an amazing camp at Emu Gully on the 25th-27th February 2019 (Week 5, Term 1). Emu Gully is located west of Brisbane between Gatton and Toowoomba. The Year 10’s will venture to Maroochy Waterfront on the Sunshine Coast and will be held between the 13th-15th March 2019 (Week 7, Term 1). The information booklets for these two camps will be sent out very soon… so stay tuned! Due to the new structure of the camps, Year 11 students will not have a camp.

The final two DE camps will take place at the same time and same location on the Gold Coast. The Junior School Camp (Grades 4-6) and the Middle School Camp (Grades 7-9) will held at the beautiful location of CYC Burleigh on the 12th-14th June 2019 (Week 8, Term 2). To make it easier for families with multiple children, we have put these 2 camps on at the same time and same place. They will have different programs so students in the two age groups will have a different experience. As part of a 3 year rotation, in 2020 and 2021, these Junior and Middle School Camps will take place at different locations.

Emu Gully Year 12 Camp - $333

Maroochy Waterfront

Year 10 - $333 -

CYC Burleigh - $265 for 4-6 camp - $265 for 7-9 camp


Start 2019 well!

A new year is a new opportunity to begin schooling afresh. It is important to establish the way you want your school year at home to run right from the start. Here are some useful tips that will help to make this happen:

  • Establish a clear routine for the school day. Have it written and displayed for both the Home Supervisor and students. This will include starting, finishing and break times.
  • Ensure the work area is clean and pleasant. It should also be in an area where the Home Supervisor is able to view students at all times.
  • Set up a calendar, include all due dates.
  • Plan regular times during the day to mark student’s work.
  • Explain expectations and boundaries to the students.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. If you aren’t sure about something please get in touch with your child’s teacher.

Changes in Primary Course for 2019

We are very excited to announce that:

  • 2019 Foundation (Prep) Online is running for the first year
  • Year 1 and 2 courses for Term 1 and 2 have been updated to take on parent feedback from 2018
  • Years 3 and 6 have moved the workbooks to the new online format. This will help prepare students for the transition to secondary schooling.
  • Japanese has been introduced as the language course in Years 5 and 6. This can be found in the online instructions for Day 5 each week.


The Six Habits of Highly Effective Students by Nina Johnson

There are a many ways in which a student can give themselves the greatest opportunity for success in school. There are six that are arguably the most important.

Though it may sound counter-intuitive, allow for breaks. This has many benefits. Having a regular break will ensure that a student can remain fresh while studying. A fresh pair of ‘eyes’ and fresh mind will make learning more effective. It will also help students to more accurately understand what they are reading. Doing something physical during the break will get blood flowing through the body and to the brain. It will also aid flexibility
A break should be as different from study as possible. Go to another room in the house, go outside, eat something, do some exercise.

While studying, ensure that all distractions are removed. This will allow students to focus on their school work. Different students will be distracted by different things. Identify what these are and avoid them as much as possible. This could mean that particular items need to be removed from the room where studying occurs. This may also mean that studying is only down in certain places or at certain times.

Sometimes instructions just don’t make sense. The best thing to do in this situation is to leave that task for a little while. Go on with other work and come back to that first task. Read through the instructions again. Most of the time, things will be much clearer after reading them a second time.

Re-reading is also a great strategy to use once all the writing is done. The bad news is that a first draft does not mean the work is done. The good news is that re-reading written work will strengthen that piece of writing. Just as a break can refresh the ‘eyes’ and mind, a second reading will help identify errors and places that need improvement. Leaving some time to allow this to happen will help make editing easier. Part of the editing process means looking at feedback teachers give a draft submission. Editing is an important part of the writing process. A first draft is never a well written piece of writing. Proofreading and editing will make it much better.

In order to have time to edit writing, a well arranged timetable is required. This is part of having a plan for the term. Set out when assessments are due so that all fours stages of writing (editing, writing, researching and planning) can be planned for during the term.

Finally, the number one key to success is also probably the easiest strategy of all. If you have a question, ask your teacher. This can be a simple message or a phone call that may take less than a minute. If you ask a question, you will get an answer. Don’t forge ahead, not knowing if what you are doing is correct. Find out for sure.

Any one of these strategies will cause improvement in writing. Using a large portion of these strategies will mean a significant improvement.


Welcome to the new school year . Commencing in 2019 Student Services has had a few changes in roles and responsibilities . Here is a list of the Student Services staff who assist with our online  students in the areas of special needs and careers guidance :

  • David Lewis - Deputy Principal - Student Services
  • Fiona Allan - Coordinator of Student Services
  • Janelle Craig - Team Leader/Guidance Officer
  • Joan Pavey - Team Leader of Special Needs Department
  • Christine Yates - Special Needs Teacher
  • Kylee Beshara - Special Needs Teacher .

We have a very experienced and capable team of dedicated staff . They have a passion for helping our students to be the best that they can be .

Wishing you a blessed 2019 .

David Lewis

Deputy Principal

Student Services .


Welcome to 2019! My what a start to the year we have had. For continuing families I’m sure you will have already noticed considerable changes to our systems. In particular, our new Learning Management Systems (LMS) has changed from Schoology to Canvas. I am now happy to report that, despite the many challenges we have faced, we are now ‘on track’ and both teachers and students are well on their way to becoming expert Canvas users.

I would like to thank students and families for being so patient during the significant changes we have managed this year as the road has not necessarily been a smooth one for all. I would also like to thank our Senior School staff as they have committed themselves to ensuring, wherever possible, the least disruptions to student learning. Senior School staff, both old and new to ACC, have spent many hours writing new courses and programs to ensure our Senior students get the very best learning opportunities this year.

Of course, some of the most significant change in Senior School this year has nothing to do with our internal systems! Rather 2019 is the beginning of the journey for students who will for the first time ever be issued an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) in Queensland. Our Year 11’s, along with all other Year 11’s in Queensland, will be the first to experience QCAA’s new curriculum and assessment, including the reintroduction of external exams since the early 1970’s!

However, we are blessed at ACC that we have been able to make significant changes from 2018 to cater for these changes and I believe our Year 11’s are as well prepared as they can be for the year ahead. That said, it is important that both Senior students and families continue to be diligent in managing the stress that comes with these academic challenges and they are encouraged to develop effective stress management strategies as early as possible. This is a conversation we begin with students in Year 10 and continue until the end of Year 12.

In addition, I would also like to acknowledge that our Year 12’s this year will be the very last cohort to be issued an OP, in the ‘old’ system. This is also very significant and assure all that we are committed to ensuring they are effectively and comprehensively supported through this system. The last two years have seen some great results from our OP eligible students, including 3 OP 1’s. However, we are just as excited about the potential of our current Year 12’s and are praying for great things as they begin their final year of school.

Finally, please don’t forget to pray for our Senior students and staff. Sometimes in our business we can forget that our paths are directed by the Lord and we must not forget to acknowledge Him.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your understanding,
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your path”

Proverbs 3:5-6

An education is a powerful thing and it is essential that we have a good ‘understanding’ and  make plans for our future. But in everything it is essential that we acknowledge and trust Him. That we invite God to be part of our plans so that He might direct our path. No two students are the same and each has their own path to travel. I encourage you to seek Him in supporting your student as we travel this ‘Senior path’ together.

Mrs Anita Newell

Head of Senior School


This is the first time I am using to the newsletter to communicate with you and It is really exciting.

Being the librarian to our Distant Education students is very different to my Day School role but I love being engaged with our students and families.

The year had a very busy and a bit of a hectic start, with the implementing of the new Queensland Curriculum for our senior students, as you will be well aware by now.  Publishing of textbooks do not always run exactly as planned and hence the delays we have been experiencing with the Year 10 and 11 new textbooks. Most of our Year 10 and 11 students,  should have the novel/play they need, to start the year. Some novels are on backorder and will be sent out as soon as they are received.  Year 10 and 11 subject-specific textbooks will be provided digitally via the new Campion My Connect platform. Students will be contacted as soon as this becomes available. Teachers are putting all content into their lessons in Canvas, to ensure students have full access to the information they need in the interim.  Year 12 students (following the old curriculum) would have received their textbooks.

A little background information on the new method of providing textbook to students, might be interesting for parents and students. Campion Education, have authorisation  from 6 major educational publishers, to host their digital resources on one platform.  The publishers are; Pearson, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Nelson Cengage, Jacaranda and Macmillan.

Students will log into MyConnect from Campion and all their textbooks will be available on the one digital platform. The students will know it is a lot easier than accessing each publisher individually. We are nearly at the stage where our senior students will be able to connect. Teachers will inform you once that happens and all the necessary information of the logging-in process will be explained. This is an exciting time to be a DE student as technology is opening up many new possibilities and ease of use.

Teachers will be in touch with their students to assist them, but they are also welcome  to get in touch with me if they have difficulties. It will be a learning process for all of us at ACC - DE.

Talking of students having trouble accessing online resources, teachers will be making use of TV4Ed in their lessons a lot more from now on. Students can get in touch with their teacher if they experience problems, but are welcome to get in touch with me as TV4Ed forms part of our library system. At the moment Year 10’s have to watch the movie, To Kill a Mockingbird.

A friendly reminder that ALL textbooks and readers (for the primary students) should have been returned by now. If you still have any books outstanding from 2018, please return to the library as soon as possible. We need the books for the 2019 students.

The due date for Primary students Term 1 books is,  12/4/2019 and for our Senior students it is 6/12/2019. If you have questions about any library matters, please feel free to get in touch with me. An email is often easiest as I am busy during the day with library classes and have duties during morning tea and lunch. My email address is : [email protected]


Jesus teaching the multitudes stated in Matthew 7:24

"Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto awiseman, which built his house upon a rock. And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat upon that house, and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock."

Matthew 7:24

Our rock is God.

Activity Days are commencing again for 2019 at the Upper Coomera Community Centre. This year we will be having three Activity Days with the 4th of these activities culminating into our ACC Has Talent Presentation which will now be on its successful fifth year running. Last year we yet again had excellent items presented by our students which our audience was delighted with.

We are hoping to have at each Activity day special presentation speaker or program such as Creation Science,SES Volunteers 'My Resilient Schools Program' Natural hazards, and Be Pet Smart live performance.

We will also be working on the areas of Science, Art, Craft and Drama. Some of these items can then be presented for our End of Year Presentation. This will help students to have as many items to present as possible. All entries of any work that the student has completed either, as part of their assessments or in their on outside school activities, are very welcomed for our final day.

Please lock in your calendars the following dates for Activities at the Upper Coomera Community Centre:

  • Monday 29th of April
  • Monday 22nd of July
  • Monday 18th of November - ACC Has Talent Presentation


  • Packed morning tea and lunch
  • Drink bottles
  • Comfortable clothing
  • A big smile and a great attitude

And don't forget to register. See you all there.

Kind Regards

Maria Peisley | Parent Liaison Consultant

p  07  5490 6100 f  07 5490 6150 m 0403 494 320