You are enrolled in an Australian school based in Queensland as a full-time student in Year 3-12 and you are completing the learning program of the school from another country.

This option is available to both Australian expatriates and students from other countries who have never lived in Australia.

Your workload will be very similar to a student in a private Australian school with a high standard of academics. The difference will be that you will be able to work on your courses at a time of your choosing without being affected by differences in time zones.

When you need help, you will be able to communicate with your teachers primarily through the online messaging system but you can also contact the school via Google Hangouts or Skype.

You will be working through the same material as other Primary students, or engaged in the same courses as other Secondary students in our Distance Education school. Please see the descriptions of the Primary and Secondary student programs above for more information on what a school day will look like.