Here are a few of the ways we help students when you’re stuck:

Lesson Instructions

Every lesson begins with a simple set of instructions. We find that this creates a logical, structured path for you to follow as you work through the course. Occasionally, we add additional material to the lesson that you can choose to do if you would like to learn more about the topic.

Unlimited Video Replay

We create our maths lessons using a technology called screencasting. In a screencast, you will be able to see the teacher work through the maths problems in the same way as you would if you were in a classroom watching them work on a whiteboard. After we create the screencast, we upload a copy of that video to the Internet which you can access through our learning management system.

Here is the best part – you can watch that video as many times as you need to understand the concept. You can learn at your own pace. Plus, while you’re working on your homework exercises you can return to that video if you need to look at the concept again.

Student Completion

Teacher assisting student over the phoneAt our school we have a culture of celebrating little steps in the learning process. We believe that if you celebrate each and every milestone you will feel a sense of momentum and you will be more likely to tackle big challenges when they are broken down into small steps.

Thanks to the technology that we use our system recognises each and every milestone as you go through your daily learning process. You will be rewarded with a thick green tick as you move through the lesson.

From our perspective, we use the same technology to keep track of your progress and the progress of your classmates. This technology allows us to see who is falling behind and it allows us to reach out and offer help if needed.

Emailing your teacher

You can contact your teacher directly via email through our learning management system. This is the most popular form of direct communication between students and teachers.

Contacting your teacher via phone

You can contact the school during the school term and speak to one of your teachers. If your teacher is not available, we will arrange for a time to call you back.

Meeting your teacher at school

We’ve talked about all these ways that you can get back on track but we must not forget to mention that you can always pop in and actually see us at the school or during a residential program.