Many parents find it reassuring to know that distance education is available as an alternative to local schools.

Sometimes parents can be concerned about the content of the learning program and how it is taught in a school. In the first instance, we encourage you to talk to your teacher about your concerns.

All schools in Queensland are required to teach according to the approved syllabus. While you may still have concerns about the approved syllabus at least in the context of distance education you can look at what your student’s learning over the course of a whole term and you can anticipate issues that may arise with your teenager. It’s better to know ahead of time as opposed to trying to resolve an issue after the fact.

We have had families that have immigrated to Australia from other countries such as South Africa. Sometimes we have found that students are shy and that they struggle with learning English while working on their coursework. By having the work online, students are able to go through the work without trying to keep up with the busy classroom environment.

The public school system provides distance education to students based on their ability to meet certain criteria. This criteria could be related to remoteness or the inability of the student to attend a local public school.

Our distance education program has criteria as well - you need to be engaged in our program and you need to comply with the residential program requirements. Having said that, most parents find our enrolment policy to be more accommodating.